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3 Ways to Improve Your Body with Cosmetic Medical Procedures


Platelet Rich Plasma medical technique is a natural skin and tissue regeneration therapy that uses the concentrated blood of a patient to facilitate tissue regeneration. PRP injection acts by activating stem cells and releasing growth factors resulting in tissue repair.

Academy Laser Clincs offers dermatological treatments that utilise EmCyte PurePRP II injections, which is currently the best treatment agent. This therapy is typically used for stimulating natural collagen volume, restoring healthy cellular function, plumping and smoothing acne scarring, improving blood vessels and nerves in penile tissue, vaginal tissue regeneration, hair regrowth.


The first step is the initial consultation where the doctors assess the patient’s skin to determine and advise the patient on the best treatment plan.

A clinician collects the patient’s blood, which is centrifuged to separate and collect the plasma, platelets, anti-inflammatory white blood cells and bioactive proteins. The Pure platelet rich plasma is injected back into the patient’s areas of concern.

For most patients, the ideal treatment plan involves three sessions spread four weeks apart. Patients can also undergo maintenance treatment every six to twelve months for long-lasting results.

In some cases, this kind of therapy technique is recommended as the complementary treatment option to other dermatological treatments such as CO2 DOT Laser, PRP-Shot for Men and MonaLisa Touch Laser.


Swelling at the sites of treatment may be experienced for up to 48 hours following the procedure, bruising and tenderness maybe experienced at the injection site. For some patients, the improvement in skin texture and blood flow is possible with a single treatment.

Best results are seen 30 days after the recommended 3 treatments sessions. Most patients will see improved skin hydration within 7 days of treatment, and will notice the underlying structural improvements start after 30 days and continue for up to 90 days.


Studies have shown than 60% of men are unsatisfied with the size or appearance of their penis and may lack confidence because of this.

CALIBRE Clinic offers penis enlargement, for men wishing to increase their current penis girth or circumference and is suitable for both circumcised and uncircumcised men. When applied directly into the glans it can help with premature ejaculation symptoms, improve control and extend the time before ejaculation.

The procedure involves is a painless 1 hour in-clinic procedure designed to increase penis girth.


At least one week before treatment the first step is the initial confidential Doctor consultation. This is to discuss realistic expectations and raise any questions or concerns prior to treatment.

Majority of treatment programs are scheduled over 1-3 sessions a couple weeks apart, depending on the total volume and individual circumstances.

The technique involves a TGA-Approved cosmetic filler (hyaluronic acid), which acts as a volumiser, injected just below the surface of the skin. Results are immediate but it takes 2 weeks for the dermal filler to be naturally integrated into the penile tissue. Up until then the product can be gently massages to smooth out any bumps and ensure even coverage.


After two weeks the dermal filler will stabilise and absorb water, giving the desired result. The dermal filler is slowly metabolised and resorbed by the body over 2 years. Results are immediate, long lasting and reversible.

Patients experience noticeable benefits following this procedure. These benefits include 0.5-0.7 inch increase in erect penis girth, less shrinkage when cold or embarrassed and can assist with premature ejaculation symptoms, improve control, extend the time before ejaculation and the increase is obvious to partners.

The results from the procedure typically last up to 12 months. Progressive sessions are available every month to increase augmentation. The overall results may vary among patients depending on individual circumstances. Contact CALIBRE to find out more about penis enlargement Perth.


Blepharoplasty is the medical term for an eye lift. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the eyelid and surrounding areas. There are 3  surgical procedures for eyelid reshaping:

Upper Blepharoplasty which corrects ‘hooding’ of the upper eye lid.

Lower Blepharoplasty (External Incision) which corrects an excess of skin, wrinkles or bags.

Lower Blepharoplasty (Internal Incision) which corrects bags and excess fat found under the eyes.


The first step is an initial consultation with Dr Oats. The surgery and pre-operative care is then scheduled for a suitable candidate for eyelid reshaping surgery who wishes to proceed. The waiting period is around 3-4 weeks.

The eyelid reshaping surgery takes 60-90 minutes and is performed under a combination of local anaesthetic and twilight sedation. It can be performed under general anaesthetic if requested.

Upper Blepharoplasty, which corrects ‘hooding’ of the upper eye lid, involves an incision within the crease of the upper eyelid where excess skin and fat is removed.

Lower Blepharoplasty (External Incision), which corrects an excess of skin, wrinkles and puffy bags, involves an incision close to the lower lash line.

Lower Blepharoplasty (Internal Incision), which corrects puffy bags and excess fat found under the eyes, involves a small incision made on the inside of the lower eye thereby leaving no visible scar. No skin is removed using this technique.

After the procedure patients remain in the recovery room for 1-2 hour. If the surgical procedure included stitches these will be removed 5-6 days after surgery.


Recovery from eyelid surgery generally takes several weeks. Once stitches have been removed the redness and swelling from the procedure will fade with time. Results may vary from person to person.


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