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Sedation Options for Dental Patients


Visiting a dentist is one of those activities we just have to “cross off the list,” as it’s one of life’s necessities. Luckily, today the practice of dentistry has evolved greatly and is now a highly sophisticated practice. Today’s dentists have access to highly sophisticated techniques for treating dental problems, and these treatments are usually done with efficiency and a minimum of pain. Still, every dental patient must deal with the issue of pain when undergoing certain invasive procedures, like getting cavities filled and having a root canal.

All of this is where the issue of pain relief comes in. Types of Pain Relief Dentists today have an array of pain relief treatments available that can make their patients feel more comfortable while they are undergoing dental work. These treatments can range from a locally administered pain killer like novocaine (which can very effectively numb the area being worked on) to a medication that provides an experience of “twilight sleep,” which means the patient is awake but doesn’t experience pain or stress during the procedure.

Other patients may want to be unconscious during their procedure, in which case an anesthesiologist may be consulted for sedation treatment. Today many dentists are taking oral sedation dentistry courses so they can offer their patients a full range of sedation options. Though dentistry today is sophisticated and effective, many patients feel a high degree of anxiety about undergoing treatment, which is why it’s so important for dental offices to be able to offer a range of treatment. By studying the range of sedation medications available today, dentists can more fully serve their patient’s full range of needs.

Ultimately, the more a dental professional knows and the more treatments they are able to provide, the more they will able to serve a wide range of patients. The practice of dentistry has come a long way, and offering a range of treatments is one way for a dental practice to reach the highest level of patient service.


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