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Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner


We all have used or at least seen or heard about treadmills and elliptical trainers. There is a reason for such machines finding their ground among the workout freaks. Many do not feel like going outside and prefer staying at home or going to the gym. But the main reason is the impact. These machines simulate jogging, running on a track, or climbing a hill. Doing these in real will have a high impact on the body. But such machines have a lower effect on the body, though it simulates the activities.

So, what if we say we now have a machine that doesn’t even have a low impact! You heard it right; it has zero impact. Yet it is as efficient as a workout machine should be. We are talking about Zero Runner.

Review of Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner, Silver

Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner is a self-powered machine. You do not need to plug it in to exercise. So, you can put it at any corner in the house and workout. It simulates walking, jogging, hill, and all-out running as well. However, there will be zero impact on your body. That is why it is preferred by many compared to a treadmill or elliptical.


The machine has a sturdy built. You are doing all-out running and core and balance work with this one, so it has to be sturdy. The aircraft-grade aluminum pedals work smooth. Each stride is a matter of enjoying rather than struggling.

Multiple Workout Options

As we stated, it replicates the running motion. An elliptical has a fixed stride length. You can check some at fitness gears lab. Unlike an elliptical, its stride length can be adjusted. It goes up to 58 inches. The moment you feel fatigued, it allows changing the stride length and maintains the same form of your exercise till the end. It comes with a comfortable handle and performance grips. The arms move in such a motion that it feels like you are actually running on the track. Work on your core stability, strengthen and balance it with the performance grips.

Whisper Quiet

It is a whisper-quiet machine. Many a time, workout machines have mild squeaky noise. It can be frustrating to continuously workout in that noise. The noise increases with each passing day of working out on the machine. A whisper-quiet workout machine is always the priority.


You have a monitor so that you can keep track. The machine is compatible with SmartLink. The predesigned workout programs, interval training, distance goals make workout sessions easy. It lessens the chance of injury as you have an expert to tell what to do. You can see the change in the stride length as you fatigue. Then you have Octane’s exclusive Cross Circuit. It is a well-thought combination of cardio and strength intervals. You can expect a more fruitful and faster result.


  • Robust and whisper-quiet
  • Jog, walk, run, hill work with zero impact
  • Performance grips for natural arm motion and core stability
  • No need to plug it
  • Monitor the striding health


  • Bulky

High impact workout can cause injury. It strains the joints. So, zero-impact exercise is preferred by many. Try it to see how it works.


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