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What is the experience with testopel implant??


The testopel implants are a form of a therapy meant for replacement of testosterone. The Testopel is a brand name for anabolic androgenic steroid. There is a huge difference between the testosterone implant and the testosterone injections. The users must determine its application and effects. The testopel brand testosterone comes in subcutaneous form. This steroid is available in different forms. The testosterone gels and creams must be applied every day.

The experience with the testopel implant is very convenient for its users. The testosterone implant as well as the testosterone injections is different methods of therapy of testosterone replacement. This is most commonly used for the males with low levels of testosterone or hypogonadism. This is not approved or condoned for non-medical purposes. The effect of the testopel pellets can last for about six months. The testosterone injections must be taken on  the basis of a weekly, bi-week or for a month depending upon its goals.

The dosage for testosterone implant depends upon the guidelines of the treatment. The package insert discusses the way the pellets are generally inserted in pairs. The dosage guidelines depend upon the levels of testosterone in a patient and it also relies on the way the patient responds to it and its side effects that may take place. Every pellet of testopel contains 75 mg of testosterone. The benefits of the testopel implants are more convenient for its users. The patients must keep in mind that any adjustment in the dosage of a patient while implant than its oral or intramuscular administration during the replacement therapy.

The testosterone is not recommended by the medical community for non-medical purposes in any of its forms. The testopel pellets do not provide the dosage of testosterone that is searched by the bodybuilders for the accelerated results in physique, muscle gains or athletic performance enhancement. Below mentioned are some of the side effects of the Testosterone implant:

  • The testopel implant triggers its side effects and adverse reactions for some individuals, as an anabolic androgenic steroid.
  • The testosterone implant does not produce higher than the desired levels of testosterone in the body of an individual, if taken by an individual with low level of testosterone.
  • The individuals considering testosterone injections or any other type of application method, when the level of the testosterone is already adequate in the body. This will give rise to more of its side effects. IN general the use of anabolic steroids contribute to serious complications in the functions of the body including:
    • Cardiac arrest
    • Stroke
    • Depression
    • Heart attack
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Cardiomyopathy and many more.

There is a special lawsuit, as its doubles the risk of stroke and heart attack, the users are entitled to compensation. The experience with testopel implant is better than the testopel injections. The manufacturers of the drugs warn that there is increasing risk of an enlarged prostate. A relatively large number of contraindications are also mentioned in the website of the manufacturer.


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