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3 Ways to Shape Up for Summer


For those that simply don’t have time to get to the gym or count all those calories, it can be difficult to shape up your body. It can feel like a losing battle, but there are options for everyone with science and technology. The long-term changes from diet and exercise would involve a lifestyle change, but you may elect for a quicker option.

Bariatric Surgery

This can be an invasive surgery, but it has a lot of evidence to back up its results. You can find more information with a specific doctor by searching for a clinic’s website. Some people have elected for this because of a referral from their doctor. The surgery involves a band that fits around the stomach, effectively limiting the space inside for food. Those that have this surgery feel less impelled to over-eat, causing a gradual weight loss over time.


If you don’t feel like signing up for surgery, this can be another option. With CoolSculpting, the fat on your body is frozen, then the fat cells are lost by the body over a period of time. The only difference here is that there are a few approved parts of the body this may be used on. Also, treatment can be done in under an hour depending on the affected area.

Dietary Pills

Medical procedures can be expensive. So instead, some may turn to supplements instead. You can pick many up at a local grocery store. Most have green tea extracts or vitamins from fruit. These supplements usually have a few things in common:

  • They lower your body’s calorie intake.
  • They make you feel satisfied to reduce food intake.
  • They help your body with calorie burning.

No matter which choice you go, you can lose weight if you believe in yourself and keep focus. Your goals are important, so make the best of your weight-loss journey.


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