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5 Reasons to Pay for Complementary Tcm & Meridian Massage Therapies


Whether it’s a hand massage during a manicure or a back rub from your spouse, an effective rubdown can be another different story. But, it doesn’t just feel nice. Studies suggest that getting massaged can actually benefit your health. You can’t argue with science, so keep these facts in mind the next time you consider getting the pro treatment or ask someone for a massage. Here are the benefits of complementary TCM & meridian massage therapies.

It’s Basically a Painkiller – Especially When a Pro Gets Their Hands on Your Bare Skin.

In a study, when neuroscientists compared the brain activity of people undergoing different touch-treatments, bare-handed massages stimulated the same part of the brain that is fully affected by opioid painkillers such as codeine. You don’t need a prescription for a massage; hence, if you sense pain in a certain area, ask someone to press their fingers into that point for about 10 seconds with sustained, medium pressure.

Direct pressure should feel a little bit intense and uncomfortable, but not painful. For now, take a deep breath and release it. It sounds a little bit crazy, but this helps your brain have those muscles to relax. Can’t employ a masseur? Lie on a tennis ball, medicine ball, or foam roller in a way that places direct pressure on the affected area.

It Boosts Your Immunity.

Massage just doesn’t get the blood running. It actually changes your blood’s composition for good! After a 45-minute Swedish massage, recipients had experienced increased levels of blood proteins that play a huge role in protecting the body from viral infections, tumors, and other pathogens, compared to blood samples taken from a controlled team. In addition, the Swedish massage is the technique that entails circular movements, deep kneading, and long strokes to push blood towards the heart.

It Enhances Your Flexibility.

If you can’t even imagine twisting yourself into animate positions that include the Pinwheel, Erotic Accordion, or Arc de Triumph, there’s still hope! Two 30-minute massages per week can enhance your flexibility and alleviate pain associated with lower back stiffness, as stated by a five-week study that was published in the International Journal of Neuroscience study.

It Lessens Stress.

Before a game, interview, or date, it could alleviate the stress in your mind and muscles, as stated by experts. An overwhelming amount of evidence suggests that massage can remove most of the psychological indicators of stress. One study found out that patients who got a hand massage five minutes before an operation had lower levels of cortisol, blood pressure, and heart rates than those who underwent a surgery without any form of rubdown.

It Eliminates Headaches.

Lots of elements can stimulate a headache, but many came from tension in the neck that limits blood flow to the brain. Oftentimes, a neck massage can alleviate pain and increase blood flow. Also, study shows that massage reduces case of migraines.

Authors of a review of studies on massage therapies found out that massage increases your levels of serotonin by 28% and dopamine by 31%.


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