There are many types of energy bars available in the market made with different ingredients. Healthiest energy bars are always made with wholesome natural ingredients to provide you with best of nutrition and health.

Different ingredients impact the texture, taste and flavor of the nutrition bars adding a delightful variety taste to it. Most commonly used ingredients and types of energy bars found are –

  1. Granola bars

Granola is a type of cold cereal that is typically made from toasted rolled oats and other whole grain cereals. Granola can be mixed with other ingredient like dates, nuts, fruit paste to add taste and texture. They make an ideal mid-meal snack or a healthy breakfast bar. Granola based energy bars provide with clean energy and fiber that is filling and healthy.

  1. Almond bar

The goodness of almonds in the energy bar goes unsurpassed. Almond along with other wholesome nutrients makes them the best of the energy bars. This protein rich healthy energy bar is all you need whether you are trying to lose weight or refuel after a tiring workout.

  1. Oatmeal bar

Oats based energy bars are ideal as breakfast bar for they provide with quick nutrition and lasting energy. With healthful benefits of fiber, oatmeal breakfast bar are a best suited for people who are running from sun up to sun down. They healthy benefits of oats make this energy bar ideal for weight loss as well as for people with diabetes.

  1. Date-based bars

Dates are rich in fiber, calcium, B-complex vitamins, iron and carbohydrates. In addition, they impart a delicious sweetness to the energy bar with enhances the taste of the energy bar. Dates are generally used as natural sweetener in many energy bars in place of artificial sugar substitutes making it healthier and tastier.


Amidst myriads of products hyped and publicized, selecting a perfect healthy energy bar is no easy task. But it is important to remember that an energy bar is as healthy as you choose.

  • A healthy energy bar is one which offers adequate calories and proteins in addition to other nutrients i.e. vitamins and minerals.
  • A healthy energy bar should essentially be made from natural ingredients with wholesome nutrition.
  • A healthy energy bar makes you feel full, provides long lasting energy and a dose of quick nutrition to help you get through the day.
  • A healthy energy bar should be sweetened with natural sugars like maple syrup or dates, raisin or apricots instead of artificially added sugar and sugar alcohols.
  • A healthy energy bar should be lower in saturated fats and Trans fat but instead provide healthy MUFA and omega.

Pick your bar after reading ingredient list and nutrition label to carefully sort through the healthy and unhealthy bars.



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