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Deepen your relationship with your child


Every parent lays down a lot of hopes, expectations and baits on their child. Some people are known to give birth to their children so that they can be taken care of when they grow old!

However, many a things must be running around in the lives of the adults, a child’s mind is often limited to his or her innocent world of thoughts, needs and attachment.

It is widely known that a child is just like the clay mould that can be moulded in the desired shape by giving proper attention in the developmental years. People often look for articles on learning the developmental stages of their children but most of them miss out on an important aspect of reading on “How to raise your kids”!

In this article we will bring forth some interesting points that will help you to develop fonder relationship with your children. Before we go on to discuss about “How to raise your kids”, we would like to bring to your notice that modern kids do not need parents like our parents. Their needs are changing with the changing parents. We have far more challenges in raising our kids as compared to our elders. Therefore, in this article we would like to discuss the important points to be kept in mind while learning “How to raise your kids”.

  1. Make parenting as your priority:

With increasing awareness about personal space and self grooming, parenting has started taking a back seat. The modern parents try to finish their pending tasks at a much faster pace and try to indulge in things that make them happy and occupied at the same time. Mostly using your mobile phone takes a large chunk of your time in a day which you could otherwise spend while parenting you r children.

Set your priorities just right! One must know that you are the parents before anything else in the world. Your kids are your sole responsibility.

  1. Read and play:

Children do not often understand things by lecturing them. They see the things and understand by their visual abilities. Similarly if you make them understand something while playing together they will not only understand the subject matter but also use these methods to make their friends understand the similar concepts.

Therefore, even if your child is too small to understand your oral reading, you must continue the practice. Children grab a lot from your reading such as how to read it out, what tone should be picked while reading about several moods and instances etc.

  1. Eat at least 1 meal per day together:

For kids there is no joy bigger than having their parents together with them to spend good times especially when it comes to a meal time. If you can manage to spend at least 1 meal of the day together such as dinner then children enjoy the most.

Raising your children by gut and full awareness is the key to bring up some of the most talented breed of scientists, musicians and doctors in every field.



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