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Feminized Cannabis Seeds: A One-Stop Guide


Weed connoisseurs know that there are several species of cannabis available in the market. However, when we utter the word weed, mainly two species come to mind. They are feminized and auto-flower seeds. Below, we have described the two types in detail and also compared them, so that you can make your choice.


What are feminized seeds?

The word feminized refers to females. Hence, feminized marijuana seeds are specially cultivated seeds in which the male chromosomes are eliminated, resulting in only female plants being produced. Cannabis growers generally prefer to opt for this variety as female plants have buds which can only be smoked.

Moreover, female plants have significantly more THC and CBD content as compared to the male varieties. The buds start growing when less sunlight is received by the plant. This happens at the end of summer when the season slowly changes to autumn. In autumn, those growing weed indoors, have to adjust their lighting facilities to mimic the lighting. Though not a difficult process, growers should have a bit of knowledge about the topic.


What are the benefits of feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds solely develop female plants, thereby preventing male plants from being pollinated. Also, growers are assured that only marijuana which can be smoked is produced. These seeds optimally utilize available space and are completely hermaphrodite free.

The weed production is also much higher than the auto-flowering method. Considering taste and effect on the mind and body, these seeds pack more punch than the auto-flowering ones and produce less leaves as compared to the latter. Those having limited space can rest assured that the female plants can be pruned, a stark departure from the auto-flowering variety.


What are feminized auto-flower seeds?

Those seeking variety, can also opt for feminized auto-flower cannabis seeds in Norma, California. While their look and feel is quite similar to the feminized ones, there is one critical difference to distinguish the two. While the feminized one start flowering soon after receiving artificial light, the auto-flower ones do so on the basis of their age. Growers neither have to adjust the lighting scheme nor wait for autumn to come. Hence growing these sees is a much easier process.


Which variety is ideal, auto-flower or feminized?

This depends solely on what you are searching for. Weed growers with experience are more likely to choose feminized seeds. While there are several reasons for such, the main two are that they are high-yielding and the produce is of a significantly higher quality. Moreover, plants derived from feminized seeds, provide more opportunities for breeding and training.

Amateurs, who search for cannabis seeds in Norma, should opt for auto-flowers because of the simplicity in growing the plants, high resistance to mould and various plant diseases and short height.


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