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Start Preventing Menopause Symptoms Before They Even Begin


Menopause officially begins once a woman didn’t have her period for twelve months. The time before menopause officially begins is called perimenopause, and it is an important time where a lot of symptoms can be stopped from manifesting during menopause, making the overall treatment a lot easier.

What is the first indication of perimenopause?

One of the first indications that you are entering menopause according to the Australian Menopause Centre as well as other menopause specialists around the world are irregular menstrual cycles. The cycles are considered irregular when they happen to be either early for a few days; however, they are most frequently late for a couple of days or maybe even weeks instead.
In very rare cases, irregular menstrual cycles may manifest themselves in a way that they are late up to two months, and it can happen more than just once. Either way, perimenopause is considered from the point where you get irregular menstrual cycles all the way to the point where your cycles are late for about two months.

Hot flushes 

One of the most common symptoms that appears in women who are both in menopause and perimenopause are hot flushes. This symptom tends to show up in around 90 percent of women who are experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, which are also the beginning of perimenopause as I mentioned earlier.

There is an easy way to treat hot flushes by changing your lifestyle, however, the method of changing your lifestyle is going to be effective only if the hot flushes show themselves in a mild and not very severe way.

The first thing you can do is adapt the way you dress by putting on some clothes which will allow air to pass through the clothing and allow your body to “breathe” properly. This is very important to do during the summer if you are in the area where the weather can be so hot where even other people can experience the hot flushes symptom if they do not take care of the way they dress.


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