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Top 5 Most Technologically Advanced Air Fryers


Who doesn’t like to eat French fry? I know everyone likes the fried food but when it comes about health then most of us has to avoid fried foods due to its health issues. No need to worry as air fryer can help you to great extent. But you must be wondering which air fryer is perfect for you. Being a health conscious from my personal experience I can suggest you some of the most technologically advanced air fryers.

Philips Digital Air Fryer

I just love Philips Digital Air Fryer as it is considered one of the best air fryers available on market right now. If you are looking for an air fryer with screen and compact in size, then I will defiantly recommend you this air fryer. Build quality of this air fryer is top notch with the QuickControl dial for temperature and time. Moreover, five cooking presets for popular dishes are also available on it.

It uses the new & unique TurboStar technology to swirl hot air continuously throughout the air fryer cooking basket. As a result, the food is exposed to constant circulating heat, it is cooked through while draining excess fat. Moreover, it is very easy to clean.

Cuisinart air fryer

If you are a fan of old-fashioned air fryer with a manual controller instead of the touch screen, then I must have to say Cuisinart air fryer is the best choice for you. If you examine the Cuisinart air fryer reviews, you can see its controlling system is very easy to use. I personally tested it to fry chicken and for roasting a turkey and the result was amazing. In fact, the taste of those was mouthwatering.

I will highly recommend you this air fryer as it is very much compacted in size and one of the fastest cookers available in the market.

T-fal ActiFry

It is considered one of the cheapest yet the most useful air fryer in the world. From my personal view if you are looking for a larger capacity air fryer with perfect cooking then defiantly T-fal ActFry is the best choice for you. If we see the t fal Actifry reviews, we can have better ideas on this air fryer.  I have tested the French fries, fried chicken, and even monkey bread and believe me they were perfectly cooked as it distributes the heat evenly through and around the foods. Moreover, I liked it very much as it is very easy to clean up.

As a result, foods cooked by this fryer are high in the taste and the price is lower than others. For these reasons, I will defiantly recommend T-fal ActiFry to everyone.

GoWISE USA XL Electric Air Fryer

It is one of the most versatile unique air fryers I have ever seen it is large in size, attractive touchscreen with multiple options for food presets, temperature, a timer, and many more. It has eight cooking presets using them you can easily cook fries, pork, chicken, steak, shrimp, cake, fish, and pizza without fear of under or over-cooking.

The unique modern design with buttons instead of a touchscreen panel gives it a cute retro look and this is the thing that I like most.

Cozyna Air Fryer XL

The best feature of its thermal safety feature as it doesn’t heat up easily. Though the size of this air fryer is pretty big it doesn’t consume that much oil instead of it consume around 70% less oil. As a result, the fried foods remain healthy according to our desire.  The price of this fryer is pretty decent and very easy to use. As the controlling system is very easy to use anyone of any age can easily operate it.

If you are looking for an air fryer with large capacity yet less oil consumer with simple operating function, then there is probably no other alternative than Cozyna Air Fryer XL.

Bottom Lines

Day by day people are getting more health conscious, but we also want to eat fried food knowing the negative impact of these foods on our health. With all these amazing alternatives to regular deep fat frying, we can eat fried food in a healthy way. There are lots of air fryer available in the market now but choosing them wisely sometimes become difficult for us. I tried my level best to share my own thoughts about some of the most technologically advanced air fryers from my personal experience and hope that it will help you to choose the right fryer for you so that you can stay healthier.

Which air fryer do you think to have the most advanced technology and suitable your family let us know in the comment section? If you have some more recommendation regarding this topic you can let us know in the comment below.


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