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What kind of terrorist are you?


When you are thirsty in Africa and don’t speak the language, you find a water stand. You will:

  1. Gesticulate
  2. Find help from others
  3. Forget it.
  4. Gesturing and talking

Test results:

  1. If you have a conflict with someone, you will have a cold war with them and you won’t talk for days. On the surface of peace, do not listen to each other, secretly hurt things angry. In fact, you might as well get angry directly and don’t let people around you worry about it.
  2. You are a wise man. If someone provokes you, you don’t get angry straight off the bat, you just calmly deal with that person.
  3. You’ll only be heartbroken when something unpleasant happens to you. You only hurt yourself and you don’t dare to hurt the other person.You are weak at heart and will feel overwhelmed if anything happens.
  4. You are very sharp and critical. You don’t do anything but talk. If you see someone who you don’t like. You will attack the person’s weaknesses and never let them go. You’re mean.
  5. You are traditional and gentle. You only break out when you reach the limit.


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