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Are your floors making you sick?


Did you ever stop to consider if your floor was causing a spate of illnesses in your house? It’s time you did – and took some preventive action as well.

Every time you think of cleaning up your house, you make a beeline for the furniture, walls and furnishings. Very rarely do you think of cleaning the floor thoroughly.

You would be surprised to know that the floors are often the dirtiest surfaces in the house, simply because they are walked upon all day. Your dirty shoes and feet trail dirt and grime all over it, food and drink may be spilled on it, and even pets may dirty it further. Very soon, the floor becomes rife with infectious germs that cause several illnesses, from stomach infections to skin rashes.

Prevention of diseases with clean floors

A dirty floor is not just ugly to look at, but it is also a hotbed of infectious germs and grime. The dirtier and more unhygienic the floor, the more pests and germs it attracts.

You might think that your floor is clean after you mop it with water and a phenyl-based cleaner. But though the floor may be visibly cleaner, it is probably not rid of infectious germs. These germs keep lurking on the floor and are then transferred to your feet, shoes and even the hands and bodies of crawling infants. Once the germs are on your skin, they may enter your system in many ways.

Hence, the best way to break the cycle of germ transmission and illness, is to affect the prevention of diseases by using a good floor cleaning liquid.

This is how you should prevent diseases with the help of a good floor cleaning liquid:

1 Sweep the floors. Start by sweeping the floors using a clean broom or a vacuum cleaner. Dust and dirt accumulate on the floor and create ideal conditions for the spread of bacteria and germs. These can also be spread all over the house when people walk on the floors. Thus, removing all traces of dirt and dust is the first step. Be sure to reach into the corners and under furniture.

2 Prepare the floor cleaning solution as directed. The floor cleaning liquid must be mixed with water as directed for the correct water-to-liquid solution. Add the suggested units of the cleaning liquid in clean water (about half a bucket of water is sufficient) and mix it well. This liquid is now able to kill up to 100 infectious bacteria and keeps your floors completely germ-free.

3 Mop the floors and let them air dry.Use a clean duster or mop. Dip it in the bucket and squeeze out excess water. Preferably, use rubber gloves when handling the floor cleaning liquid and the mop. Now mop the floors from one corner of the room to another. Do not step on the wet floors – let them air dry and keep the windows open so that sunlight may stream in.


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