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Choosing the Right Medical ID Bracelet for Your Child


Once, if your child was allergic to penicillin, you had only one choice for how to alert medical personnel. Even then, the information you could provide them was limited, and the bracelet was not very child-friendly. Welcome to the 21st century. You should be aware of a few important choices you have before you select your child’s medical ID bracelet.

Choosing the Right Type of Bracelet

There are many types of medical ID bracelets for kids to choose from. There are simple bracelets for children that have common issues like peanut allergies, for example. If your child is very young — say 4 to 6 years old — these types of bracelets might be perfect for them. They are more amusing than adult bracelets, with cute faces and silly smiles. They may not provide quite as much information, but they can help save your child’s life.

For older children the options increase. Most include metal plates that have free engraving that lists not only the bearer’s contact information but also his or her diagnosis and important instructions such as “Give EpiPen” or “See wallet card.” These bracelets come in a variety of designs, from silicone or leather bands in a choice of colors to nylon or beaded bracelets in assorted patterns. There are even waterproof options.

Bracelets With Benefits

There are also bracelets now that contain USB drives or online services that will keep track of your child’s medical information so that the EMS and doctors can access it in times of emergency. You can place your child’s complete medical and family history, medication information, doctor’s information and more on there so that it is all available to the ER doctor immediately. The USB bracelets are, by necessity, all waterproof silicone.

You have a lot of choices for your child’s medical ID bracelet. The one thing you shouldn’t do is nothing. Giving the ER doctor that extra bit of information will help your child.


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