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How To Choose the Right Medical Equipment Provider


People often don’t think about the number of medical gases being used in hospitals or veterinary clinics, but they save lives on a daily basis. They provide everything from oxygen and anesthesia, to helping test organ function and powering surgical equipment. The medical gases are only as effective as the equipment used to regulate and deliver them, making medical gas hoses and equipment extremely important. Although there are many companies providing this type of medical equipment, how do you decide the right one for you?

Buying Versus Renting

Any hospital or veterinary office has the option of buying medical equipment outright or renting it. Buying has the obvious benefit of owning the equipment outright, which allows companies to pay less in the long run and depreciate the value for tax purposes. However, renting can be a wise choice for several reasons. In cases where equipment is needed for short-term reasons to handle higher demands or unique situations, renting is the best option. It also mitigates the risk of costs associated with equipment failure. Medical equipment can be a costly investment and isn’t always practical when other larger purchases are needed. Therefore, renting can spread out the costs and offer its own tax advantages.


Another option some companies offer is the ability to rent-to-own. In this scenario, the equipment is rented, with the possibility of owning it in the future. This may be a good option if your business would like to lower costs but eventually own the equipment, or if your business isn’t in the financial position to purchase it immediately. It also helps to try out items before fully committing to buying.


It’s important to find a company that is experienced and well established. It should offer a variety of medical equipment so that you don’t need to establish relationships with multiple suppliers. If you would like to rent some equipment and own others, make sure the company offers both options. If the company is supplying gas hoses, they should be affiliated with the American Association for Respiratory Care. Check reviews for the company’s response time, particularly related to servicing equipment. It’s also a good idea to ask for testimonials from current clients.

Choosing a supplier for your hospital or veterinary medical equipment is an important decision. You should make sure to research suppliers to choose the best one for your needs. Talk to companies about their renting, buying and rent-to-own options, and make sure to vet the company through its current clients.


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