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Learn More About The Popular Medicare Plans


Do you visit the hospital or your doctor more? Well, the old age means that there will be many health issues which ultimately lead to the high hospital billing amounts. You are at the age of 65 then you should take advantage of the famous Medicare Health Plans that cover many medical expenses. When you reach at the age of 65, you face a significant milestone as you become eligible to enroll in Medicare. Always remember that making a wrong decision can prove costly so make sure that you are aware of the ins and outs of all Medicare Plans before making a final decision.

An overview of Medicare Plans:

Medicare is a health insurance program for the people of the age of 65 or older. It also offers the facility to the certain people with disabilities. People who are suffering from the end-age renal diseases can also enroll in the Medicare Health Insurance Plan. Medicare is a health Plan offered by the private companies and provided benefits to those beneficiaries who enroll in the Plan. Original Medicare is a traditional program provided by the federal government. Though you can pick an insurance company on your own, it is highly essential to make sure that it has the legal authority to sell Medicare Health Plans.

Medicare California Plans are broken into the following parts:

Part A:

You or your spouse is obtaining social security for at least ten years then the Part A is free. If not, then you have to pay $413 per month. Always remember that your premium will depend on your social security work credits. Medicare health Plan Part A covers:

  • Skilled nursing
  • Hospital care
  • Some home health care

Part B:

The people who earn an income of $ 85000 or less in a year will pay $134 monthly. This average rate is for the year 2018. For people whose income exceeds $ 214000 a year will pay $ 428.60. Medicare health Plan B covers:

  • Preventive care
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Outpatient care
  • Hospital care
  • Some home health care

Part C:

The private companies contract with Medicare to provide the beneficiaries with all Part A&B benefits. These Medicare Health Plans are also called the Medicare Advantage Plan. The average premium for Medicare Advantage Plan is $30 in the year 2018.

Part D:

Medicare health Plan Part D covers the Prescription Drugs. The premium for Part D in the year 2018 will be $33.50.

The beneficiaries have to decide that whether they will go for the traditional Medicare Plan in which Part A&B with Part D coverage or they will choose the Part C/ Medicare Advantage Plan. People who pick the Original Medicare may need the Medicare Supplement Plan as the Original Medicare does not cover all the expenses. Medicare Supplement Plan is also known as Medigap Policy. No matter what Plan you choose but you should carefully evaluate your financial position and health before making a final decision.


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