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Marijuana and Lupus, Treatment, Effect and How to Use It


Lupus is a condition, where the autoimmune system in our body has become too active. Your body won’t be able to look which substance that is dangerous for body or not. Therefore, your body keep create antibodies that attack not only bacteria or virus that attack your body. But, this too active autoimmune system will also attack your healthy tissue. This condition, of course make your body get worse, even though your body doesn’t face any dangerous substance. The most common sign is the inflammation or pain that you feel on several part of your body. You also can see flares when symptoms of this problem worsen. And there are also remissions on the part where symptoms aren’t too worst. Basically, we also can call Lupus as the opposite of HIV or AIDS. HIV or AIDS make your immune system unable to work, while Lupus is the opposite.

You can use many different treatments for Lupus. And, one of them is using cannabis or Marijuana. marijuana and lupus is actually well-known. But, you need to know important thing here, which is cannabis here only work as pain reliever. When you consume cannabis, it will increase the interleukin-10 and decrease the interleukin-2 level. Interleukin-2 can also be said as the pro-inflammatory protein. And, interleukin-10 is also known as anti-inflammatory protein. With higher level of this protein, the chance that the pain that’s caused by inflammatory will decrease. Therefore, by using cannabis to treat it, the pain from inflammatory will also relieved.

The other effect that cannabis shown for treating lupus is it can increase the activity of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). This cell itself has function to suppress the activity of immune system in your body. Therefore, at least it can normalize your immune system. The other effect of cannabis is it can treat the symptoms of Lupus, such as nausea or cramp on your abdomen part. Basically, it can do quite good job for treating Lupus.

How to Use Cannabis for Lupus Problem?

Now, after you know about what cannabis can do for Lupus, there is one thing that you need to do. You must know how to use cannabis for Lupus treatment. Actually, the usage is similar to other cannabis treatment. First, patient can inhale the cannabis and feel the effect. There are many ways you can use to inhale it. The common method is using pipe and burn the cannabis leave, and inhales its smoke. However, many doctors don’t recommend this method. By burning the cannabis leave, it will also create toxic substance and it could be dangerous for your lungs, when you inhale it. The most recommended method is using vaporized cannabis. The vaporizing type won’t create this kind of toxic substance. Instead, vaporizing it will make cannabinoids shows up from cannabis substance. This cannabinoids has many healthy effects, which is good for your body.

The other method is using oral type cannabis. This kind of cannabis usually is available in the shape of capsule or pills. There is even cannabis oil available today. This kind of product has several different substance types in it. There is high-CBD strains type, and there is also high THC and THCA extract. The effectiveness of each type is different between people to person. Some of people get better effect with high CBD level and the other match with THC and THCA extract.

The other method is using cannabis cream or lotion. You just need to apply it on your skin and it can relieve the pain in your joint and other part of your body. You also can find cannabis that is available in the shape of transdermal patch. By using this patch, that person can get 10 hours of cannabis effect. This is good choice, for you who don’t used with inhale type or oral type. The other method is by making raw cannabis juice.  If you consume this type of cannabis, you won’t get high like what you can get from using other method.

But, one thing that you must understand, in order to use cannabis for treating Lupus, you need to consult with a doctor. Your doctor is the one that know most about marijuana and lupus. And, they can give you recommendation and information about this method.


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