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3 Types of Addiction Treatment


Living with a person who has an alcohol or drug addiction can be very stressful and devastating for family members and friends. The addict can be rude, verbally abusive, inconsiderate, unstable, and uncaring. They may not realize that their problem affects everyone that they come in contact with. Addiction treatment is a necessity for the user in order to have a certain quality of life. Addiction treatment is wide spread, and available in city. Having a discussion with the addicted person about treatment is a step in the right direction. There are at least three treatment options from which to choose.

In patient or residential treatment

Some addictions are so severe that being a patient in a hospital or treatment center is the only answer. This type of treatment requires getting away from family, work, school, and friends and other things that trigger the substance use, and focusing on around the clock healing. These extended programs can last from thirty days up to a year. The patient is surrounded by professionals and medical personnel as well as other people who are in recovery, and will form a good support system. This facility will provide a safe and secure place for the addict to be closely monitored, especially during the detox period. Psychotherapists are on staff to help with learning, or re-learning coping skills.

Outpatient centers

When seeking treatment as an outpatient, the addict is allowed to be home during the evening hours for work, school, or family. These centers offer the same type of service as in-patient programs including detox and either individual or group counseling. Mental health services are also offered. Outpatient centers are mostly for the addicted person with less severe substance use. There is a variance in the duration and frequency of treatments at different outpatient centers.

Behavioral therapy and medication in treatments

Behavioral therapy helps the addicted person enhance their life skills, change their behaviors and attitudes, and follow through with prescribed medication as treatment which is usually referred to as medication assisted treatment. Medicine is used to help reduce the cravings for the substance, and to help with withdrawal symptoms. Panama City treatment centers provide treatment for all types of substance use disorders for people in and around the surrounding areas. There is no time limit for sobriety. Each person responds to treatment at a different pace. Some may be ready to return to a better life after a short period of time, while others may need longer to adjust to the change.

There are facilities known as sober living communities for recovering addicts to go after they leave the security of an in-patient or outpatient program. This will allow the person to practice what they have learned in a sober environment before tackling the real world. Some addicts are struggling with dual drug problems, the lesser being marijuana. This can now be used in an oil form, and prescribed by a doctor because it has many benefits. If this is the case, be sure that you discuss it in detail with your doctor, or program care facilitator.


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