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7 Workout Essentials For Men & Women


you are a regular visitor to the gym or a newbie, skimping on the fitness essentials isn’t a wise choice. Getting the right ensemble can not only uplift your confidence but will also encourage you to step forward and get your training sessions on track.

Choosing the right attire is crucial as your rigorous workouts will need you to be comfortable and go on with the flow. One wrong step and you are off from getting on the top of the fitness board. Not only for men but it is also quite a challenge for women when it comes to picking up the right cloth to hit the gym. You not only have to make sure of the odour but also get rid of the smirky glances. Phew!

Relax and be rest assured, for this simple guide will assist you to make things less complex and update your wardrobe with the basic workout essentials for both men and women.

1) Wicking Tee and Jackets:

The thumb rule to get your training straight and stringent is by choosing a tee that can restrict the odour and keep you going. Light-weight, sweat wicking and breathable design is what you should look out for in your jogging routine. This way the fabric won’t stick to your body paving way for free movements. If you are into trail or regular running, again light weight jackets can prove to be your best companion.

While men are juggling with different kind of workouts, women all over still struggle to find the right sportswear. Fortunately, active wear range for women has grown over the years and little efforts can help them find the right clothing. Other than sports bra which are the quintessential attire, tank tops and other such light-weight tee can also give the required comfort. While choosing jackets opt for long sleeves and wind resistant to keep clumsiness at bay. Mesh work at the armpits can regulate temperature and also minimize the odour.

2) Shorts Or Joggers:

A comfortable pair of shorts will keep you relaxed without restricting your movements. Go for the shorts with spandex which offers unprecedented comfort. Body-clinging pair can not only compress your frame and make you uncomfortable but is also not breathable. Having pockets is of personal choice. Ideally you can avoid pockets which are nothing but distraction while you sweat it out. Crunches, Pilates or squats, a stretchable pair of yoga pants will provide constant comfort. So girls get your pair today!

4) Train with Your Trainers:

Whether you are up for your regular jogging or cross-training, a nifty pair of trainers can work wonders. Minimal shoes allow closer contact to the ground but the right amount of cushioning also counts. Trainers are not only functional but can give you the utmost comfort making it suitable for taking your workout session outside. mandmdirect.com has a range of collection dedicated to sportswear with crazy offers on trainers, jogger pants, shorts and more. For all your sports and workout needs mandmdirect.com has got you covered.

5) Water Bottle:

Before your health meter goes topsy-turvy try to get it on track by serving your body with necessary supplements. 60% of the adult human body is water and we mortals often tend to ignore the key ingredient. Before hitting the gym make sure to carry a water bottle and sip regularly to avoid the risk of dehydration.

6) Towel:

Intense workout requires you to constantly get rid of the sweat and grime out of your face and nothing but a clean towel can be your savior. Whether it’s about absorbing the moisture or cleaning the equipments nearby when you are in a gym, carrying at least a small hand towel can help you to score for gym etiquettes.

7) Accessories:

Knick-knacks are most of the time underrated but when used aptly they can simplify your training regime. It is always advised to spend on breathable pair of socks which are sweat-wicking and get you the grip while you are tuning your physique. Headbands can not only keep your tresses away but can also compliment your attire. The new trend – wearable fitness tracker has also been lauded globally for its reliable stats and functionality. Suddenly you are conscious about your heart rate and calories, all thanks to the simple yet commendable wireless technology. These are some which are trendy and functional as well.


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