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Adding Your Own Insight in Professional Publications


As the owner and provider at your own successful dental practice, you may have knowledge and skills that elude your dental peers.  The talents you possess could revolutionize the manner in which patients are treated.  They could transform novice dentists into skilled professionals like you.

You do not have to petition for speaking time at a conference nor publish a peer-reviewed dissertation to spread your knowledge around your industry.  You can inform your peers about your discoveries by contributing to an industry publication like a magazine, newspaper, or a journal of clinical dentistry.

Following the Editorial Guidelines

While you may be a talented dentist, you might be less so of a talented writer.  You may struggle to get your words onto paper and organize your thoughts in a cohesive and logical manner.

You do not have to submit a jumbled essay that could be sent back for revision or rejection.  You can get the article published the first time by using the editorial guidelines found on the journal’s website.  These guidelines exist to help you create an article that will read well and that will be an asset to your peers who access it online or in the paper version of the publication.

Subscribing to the Journal Yourself

What good is it to submit an article to a journal to which you do not already subscribe?  It is natural for you to want to see your article in print.  You can catch its publication in the next release of the journal by subscribing to the journal online today.

The website lets you pay for the length of subscription that best suits your interest.  Once you pay your fees, you can access the website immediately and start reading back and current issues of the magazine.

The sharing of information and knowledge in a profession like dentistry can vastly improve patient care.  You can share what you know and read about the discoveries and talents of other dentists when you subscribe to the online publication.  The journal is available in an online version and in print.


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