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All That You Should Know About Family Caregiver Benefits for Adults


You can play the role of a caregiver to any of your adult family member and for that you will be eligible to get financial compensation to be provided by United Energy Workers Healthcare. As a caregiver you will be required to provide necessary care and support to any adult person who must be critically ill or injured. You must be a family member or must be having family like relationship with the injured or ill person. Your support will be in the form of providing emotional or psychological support to the injured or ill person.

Who will be considered ill or injured person?

Following are the criteria for ill or injured adult

  • The person must be 18 years or above age
  • The person is critically ill due to certain disease
  • The person may have met with serious accident
  • Any woman who has delivered a child may need support
  • Person living in chronic medical condition and whose condition has significantly worsened because of certain life-threatening event

Who is eligible family member to be a caregiver?

In order to be eligible to receive financial benefit for providing care to ill or injured person, you must meet the following conditions –

  • Your weekly earnings from your regular source of income has decreased by 40 per cent and above because you are absent from duty in order to provide support and care to the ill and injured adult relative
  • Before claiming the financial compensation, you have already accumulated 600 hours of insured work in a year or before the start of your previous claim, which ever among these two are shorter.
  • You must be a member of the family of injured or ill person or your relation with the person must be like a family member
  • The injured person must be 18 years or above
  • Any certified doctor must declare the person critically ill or injured

In case you are a self-employed person then you must have registered at least 12 months before applying. In addition to that you must meet the following condition

  • Because of your involvement in supporting your adult relative who is critically ill or injured your earning has reduced by 40 per cent and above.
  • Your income report of the previous year will be considered as your income and the 40 per cent will be considered from that income
  • You must be immediate family member of the ill and injured person or he must be having similar relationship with you
  • The injured person must be an adult and attained the age of 18 or above
  • Any doctor has certified the person as critically ill or injured

Before you apply for financial compensation you need to provide following information in the application –

  • Particulars about your employer
  • Employment record
  • Your bank details
  • Mailing address
  • Social security number
  • Your mother’s name
  • Full particulars about the injured and ill person

Along with your application, you need to provide supporting documents to prove your claim.



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