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Are the e- cigarettes really safe to use?


Cigarette has always taken a bad impression for being harmful for body. So what is new about the cigarette? The basic thing is there is no smoke released from this device. But what it holds on is an e juice that would support the vapor formation in this machine. This machine is incredible with exercising the picture of smoking an e- cigarette. This is being introduced as a public as a product with the potentiality to shield smokers from dangerous effects of e- cigarettes and marketed as being a way to get your nicotine fix without inhaling this. This is going to help with lung blackening smoke that is being linked on with cancer and heart disease.

Demands and impacts

This was earlier a conventional device that could impact your health and even the workouts. The young and even the healthy people might be reaching to an electronic fix for numerous reasons including the potential for nicotinic substituent that would reduce the appetite and would enhance the mood to increase the rate of heart beat and alertness.

This e juice some time is loaded with nicotine which is also known as a stimulant that has been performing a positive effect on endurance and is best described to generate a negative impact.  e- Cigarette would not bring out real smoke. But they can still do a number on your lungs. These do cause an inflammation. These are going to cause a kind of rusting inside the lungs and that would really damage your body with causing harm to the developing cells inside.

There are some research being done relating to the smoking of electronic cigarettes which would say that, what all matters in the device is the juice which must be devoid of nicotine and the vapor that we inhale. Because the inhaling drags the vapor into the lungs and that builds up a cloudy feature inside the lungs.

What is bad for the lungs and heart?

These electronic cigarettes do not contain true smoke but when you inhale it, there is a pressure generated on lungs which does cause inflammation of the lungs. The process would completely resemble the smoking and is completely chronic like that of normal smoking process. What matters mostly in smoking is the ignition and the pressure generated over lungs due to smoking. There are even chances for getting allergies which is because of the chemicals called histamines released during smoking.

One of the major things is this also lead to some kind of hormonal changes in body. Basically in males there are chances of a reduction in the sperm count inside the body.  When it comes to heart functioning, we can very well say that there is a blockage in the blood flow and that is indeed stimulated as a blockage into the muscles and that later leads to chocking of heart. So those who opt for smoking have a great chance to have early heart attacks than those who don’t. It hardly matters if you are using a normal or an e cigarette. What matters is the e juice whose constituent should not be nicotine.


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