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Cancer Treatment Using the Gerson Therapy


Dr. Max Gerson was an American medical doctor who was born in Germany. He came up with one of the most effective treatments for cancer known as the Gerson Therapy. This treatment was developed over 90 years ago and has helped to cure patients of cancer by activating the body’s healing abilities. The Gerson Therapy is used in cancer treatment. This treatment has proven effective over the years and has therefore been adopted by the expert oncologists that run the treatment program in Mexico.

What Does Cancer Treatment Include in the Gerson Therapy?

Cancer treatment recognizes that in order to heal cancer, you have to use an approach that targets the whole body and other functions as well. In this approach, the patient is required to include organic foods, raw juices, beef liver, natural supplements and coffee enemas in their diet. Apart from the dietary aspect, cancer treatment also requires that a patient make lifestyle changes in order to make the treatment most effective.

How Does Gerson Therapy Work?

This method allows you to enjoy the benefits of consuming large quantities of fruits and vegetables every day. It targets the most important requirements of your body when it comes to metabolism. The Gerson diet as administered in cancer treatment contains ancient grains, organic vegetables, and fruits. These foods have a high content of vital minerals and enzymes that your body requires to fight cancer. In this diet, the cancer patient is required to eat raw beef liver as it has a high concentration of vitamin B12. In addition to this, the patient also has to eat three meals a day that are entirely plant-based and drink thirteen glasses of freshly prepared juice throughout the day. Finally, the patient is only allowed to snack on fresh fruits throughout the day as a part of the cancer treatment that focuses on the Gerson diet.

Using Detoxification and Supplements

The Gerson Therapy also includes detoxification as one of the primary formulas towards curing cancer. Cancer treatment achieves this through the use of coffee enemas. These enemas increase the parasympathetic nervous system in the human body. Cancer patients would need to take five enemas a day in order to detoxify the body. Cancer treatment also includes supplements such as the thyroid hormone, potassium compounds, pancreatic enzymes and Vitamin B12. The removal of waste works hand in hand with the dietary boost and the supplements causing the body to attack the problematic cells and kill them.

As more and more cancer patients are looking for alternative treatments that do not use harmful medication, cancer treatment is able to cater to this need. The Gerson Therapy method has been around for close to a century and worked even when modern medicine had not discovered some of the common approaches being used today. It is, therefore, a treatment that should be considered by every cancer patient who does not want to go through surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Centers such as Cancer Treatment Mexico (https://www.cancertreatmentmexico.com/) will be able to give you all the information you need on this approach to cancer treatment.


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