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Causes of Bleeding Piles and its Painless treatment in Chennai


Why is there blood in stool?

Rectal bleeding is among the majority of humans today. In most cases, rectal bleeding is just a symptom of some other disease such as piles. It is strictly advised to the patients to not avoid signs such as painful bowel movements and blood in stool and consult a medical expert to the soonest. In most cases, blood in stool is a reason for piles or anal fissure.

Blood vessels in the anus and towards the anal opening swell up due to prolonged hours of constantly sitting on hard chairs. This causes pain and itching in and around the anus and anal opening. It causes painful bowel movements and blood is very often seen in the stool.

What is Piles?

Inflammation or swelling of veins, blood vessels, tissues, etc around the rectum and anal region is called hemorrhoids or piles. Piles are pretty common in pregnancy. Due to the weight of a child in the womb, a lot of strain and pressure is exerted on the rectum and anal region. This leads to swollen veins. Piles are also common among people who have an office or sitting jobs. This puts pressure on the rectum region for a long and continuous period. Eating unhealthy, oily, spicy food, not eating a fiber-rich diet and keeping the body dehydrated by drinking less water leads to the formation of hard stool and contributes to the formation of piles.

The patient can feel a hard, painful lump in the anus in the later stages of piles. Because of this, the anal area becomes very sensitive and is itchy, irritated and may have redness or swelling. There can also be a risk of infections around the anal area. The patient can even have blood in the stool in adverse stages of the disease. There is a pain at the time of bowel movements. There may also be slight or more mucus discharge during bowel movements.

Painless Treatment for Piles in Chennai

Laser Treatment is a permanent cure for piles in Chennai. The treatment uses laser energy to shrink the size of hemorrhoids. Laser treatment is painless surgery in which laser energy is used to cut or shrink hemorrhoids instead of surgically cutting or removing it.

The open surgery for piles involves the use of scalpel which is very painful for the patient. The patient remains in pain for several days after the surgery. The laser energy is used to dissolve in hemorrhoids. There are no chances of reoccurrence of this disease once the patient has been treated by laser surgery.

What to expect from the laser treatment for Piles?

Before the treatment- After the diagnosis of the disease and finalizing the date for the surgery, the doctor would explain the whole procedure of the laser treatment to the patient and his family. The doctor would also suggest some do’s and don’ts before the surgery for piles and a set of precautions after the surgery. The doctor would also suggest some tests to be done on the day of the surgery. Tests such as blood tests, diabetes tests, etc are suggested to be done before the surgery to make sure the patient is healthy and normal. These tests are not mandatory. Elderly patients and sick patients are suggested such tests.

The day of the surgery- All arrangements are made at the hospital before the patient arrives. As soon as the patient comes, without wasting time, he is taken to change into the hospital cap and gown and prepare for the surgery. If recommended by the doctor, certain tests are to be done before the surgery to make sure the patient is healthy. The patient is then taken to the Operation theater and given local anesthesia. The surgery is approximately 30-40 minutes long. All precautions are taken to make sure the surgery goes smoothly and the patient remains comfortable and healthy.

After the surgery- The patient is moved to the normal room in the hospital after the surgery. The doctor visits once the patient is cleaned up and has changed. The doctor checks the vitals and health of the patient and asks how he is feeling. The patient is free to go home after resting for 3-4 hours in the hospital. There are no follow-ups required. But if the patient feels the need to or faces problems or complications after the surgery, he or she should contact the doctor and get an appointment.

Benefits of Laser treatment for piles

Laser treatment for piles is a non-invasive and safe procedure. It is a daycare procedure, that is, the patient can go back home the same day after the treatment. Unlike open surgery, this treatment procedure is totally pain-free. There are no cuts or stitches required. The patient loses no blood during the treatment. The patient has no hassle of bandages or wounds. There are no side effects of this treatment. The patient recovers quickly and can resume a normal lifestyle and eating habits the next day after the treatment. Get rid of Piles within 1 day with the most advanced Laser Treatment in a pain-free procedure in Chennai!


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