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Complementary Health Products at truvisioncare.com


 Besides essential oils and core products, there are some complementary products by TruVision that are also available at truvisioncare.com as well.

Below is the brief introduction of such health and weight loss products to give you the in depth information in this regard.

Complementary Health Products at truvisioncare.com


  • truSLUMBER

This product helps you to avail a good night sleep which actually enhances the productivity of your body and you feel fresh and strong for the next day’s challenges. A restful sleep is a natural tool to help the body from the effects of the damages happen on the consistent basis to a human body. It is also very important for the human body to repair its functionality as well.

Disorders in sleeping habits affect more than 60% of the people. It mostly happens to us because of daily life stress to avail more and more. truSLUMBER is the right companion to you in this regard. Its unique ingredients and formula assure you a sleep that is much needed for your body.

Remember, it is not an addictive like the other such products but its results are awesome.

  • truFEUL

It is actually a complete food supplement that fulfills all the needs of your body and keeps you healthier and active than ever.

truFEUL contains Almonds, Cashews, Grape Seed Oil, Walnut Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Cranberries, Apricots, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Black Currants and Raisins as its ingredients with most preferable quantities.

Having a delicious taste, it is a great replacement of your daily dose.

  • truSOOTHE

This awesome product from TruVision that is available at truvisioncare.com, soothe away all the aches and pains of your daily workouts.

truSOOTHE is the combination of essential oils, peppermint, and eucalyptus and relieves you wonderfully with immediate effects. It is a crème formula. All you need is to apply the crème to sore areas and wait for some time.

Remember; don’t apply truSOOTHE to the sensitive areas.

  • simplyCLEAN

It is a non-toxic, 100% bio degradable all purpose cleaner with its unique and strong cleaning abilities for all kind of surfaces. In the packing of an 8oz bottle, it is the highly concentrated product you can work with. If you want to get away with extra tough cleaning, just use more than the usual amount of simply CLEAN and less water in your spray bottle and see the magic.

It is harmless for human as it has been approved by the USDA for the use even on food preparation surfaces. It sanitizes surface with two different ways. Its bacteriostatic abilities kill the bacteria and colloidal action whisks away the bacteria along with dirt.

  • truMEND

truMEND balm is a remarkable solution of all of your cuts, wounds, abrasions, bug bites and other irritation problems. In other words, it is a complete portable first aid kit everyone should have in the pocket all the time.

It is a powerful combination of natural ingredients in addition to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

You can also use this wonder balm on skin breakouts, canker sores (yes, it is safe to put in the mouth), bee stings, sunburns, blisters, scars, eczema, diaper rash, and chapped lips, and on chicken pox.


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