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Early detection prevents you from suffering


The medical research and studies has proved that the STD or STI are primarily transmitted during sexual contact. How HIV can occur during occupational or sexual exposure?

What is this all about?

STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease is an infectious disease, which need proper care. It includes inserting penis into vagina, mouth or anus. It is seen that women are likely to be infected with serious infection than the men leading to lots of suffering such as infertility, miscarriage, cancer, etc.

STD is a sexually transmitted disease happens on getting exposure of any sexual contact e.g., vagina, oral, or anal sexual intercourse with the HIV infected person. It is mainly common with the sex workers.

It is always advisable to use protection and have safe sex. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes HIV virus comes into the body without knowing it. A cut in the body with an infected instrument or injecting of used medical syringe, tears in the skin increases the risk of transmission of HIV. To detect a careful medical supervision and primary care of patients of all ages are available in Singapore STD screening.

What are the symptoms of STD or HIV?

The proper knowledge about the disease can prevent any future sufferings. In general, this disease is diagnosed at the later stage when nothing can be done. You or even an experienced doctor cannot detect from outside whether your healthy partner is carrying any of such viruses that can transmit such a disease. Therefore, it is preferable to undergo STD screening if you had any such doubts.

The symptoms of  STD disease or infection includes urethral or vaginal discharge, pain in urinary tract, etc but these are all shown up when it is too late. It is better to come here for screening under the direction of experienced nurses and get advice and medication accordingly as per the direction of the doctors present here.

What is different with STD Screening in Singapore?

Visit   http://hivsingapore.com for knowing what you can get. The fast STD screening under the supervision of specialized doctors and nurses you will get. You will find no distinction among the patient made by the doctor.

To started the treatment immediately when you had sex with a stranger or an infected person or where you have any doubts of a higher risk of getting STD or infection. A quick medical screening is available here to help you diagnose whether any such virus is present in your body.

However, prevention is better than cure use of protection is always advised but it not the ultimate solution. With fast detection in Singapore, the advice of the doctors specialized on sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection.

How does it help?

Singapore STD screening you will get an accurate and fast diagnosis of STD along with counseling and rehabilitating the patient from social influence or abuse. They approach after studying the medical history of the patient at a short time.

A comprehensive medical examination is done here mainly on the sensitive parts of the body that are likely to be infected. However, the test varies with male and female organs. In the female, the detection of external genitalia, anorectic region, and perineum, the vagina and cervix is another most important part of the female body that is examined with a speculum and bimanual pelvic. In the male, the external genitalia, scrotum, and anus examined. Along with these, the examination of common body parts e.g. upper and lower extremities, torso, abdomen, mouth, and throat.

The Laboratory test

The experienced doctor present here gives advice and helps to take decision on how to give relief to the patient based on the tests reports. They have set of doctors as a part of the board including family physicians if any to provide necessary advice to the patient from time to time. The consultation performed in a very private and confidential way with the discussion of medical history, symptoms and other related matters. The doctor helps you to understand and evaluate what is going on inside and outside the body along with related sexual risks. What are the treatments and precautions you need to take into consideration in future during sexual or non-sexual activities.


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