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Gastric Sleeve Benefits


A gastric sleeve is an option to consider if you need or want to lose weight. Your doctor will likely want you to try other methods of weight loss before resorting to this surgery. When you’re approved for gastric sleeve surgery in Florida, you’ll usually have to show that you can consume the appropriate number of calories and maintain weight loss for a few weeks before the surgery is performed. The procedure will change your life in a variety of ways, many that are positive.

The process of gastric sleeve surgery is that it will remove close to 80 percent of the stomach. This will allow you to eat less, which means fewer calories are absorbed into the body. You’ll also feel full sooner after eating. There are only a few small incisions that are made in the abdomen in order to remove part of the stomach. A sleeve design will be left behind that will connect the remaining part of the stomach and small intestines to the esophagus. Children and adults can have the surgery performed as it’s a safer option than other types of weight loss surgery.

During the first year after the surgery, you can expect to lose about 70 percent of the excess weight that you have. You’ll lose the most weight in the first few months after the procedure, leveling off once you’ve hit the one year mark. Most people keep about half of the weight lost off even after a few years. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop watching what you eat and exercising as it can be easy to gain weight again. You need to work with your surgeon and a nutritionist to keep the weight off for a long period of time. You should also consider talking to a therapist about your weight loss journey. Significant weight loss from this kind of surgery can help to change your health. You’ll begin to see a difference in sleep apnea and the level of energy that you have. Diabetes can be controlled better, and you will usually see your cholesterol and blood pressure level off from where it was before surgery.


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