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Go Boho Chic This Summer by Working Fringes into Your Wardrobe


Summer is here and it’s time to go bohemian while keeping the major fashion trends in mind. Fringes are back in a major way and you can work them into your wardrobe for some boho chic vibes. Fringes are a new fashion week trend that can go with almost anything. They may remind you of the Rock n’Rolling 70’s when they were a must on biker jackets and boots. They have made a huge comeback and became a staple in festival clothing for the past few years. With summer comes music festivals where celebrities set the trend for the following season. So, whether it was Chanel Iman’s fringed shorts, Peyton List’s fringed skirt, Vanessa Hudgen’s long fringed jacket or Alessandra Alessandro’s oh-so-chic fringed ankle boots, Coachella ’17 could not get enough of this fashion-conscious hippie look. Binge on the fringe and look uber stylish this summer.

Here we have curetted the top looks for you to bring on the fringe fashion. If you’re thinking of saving a few bucks this season you can easily try out DIY fringes on your old clothes as a cheaper alternative. 

Fringed Jacket

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must’ve noticed Kendall Jenner rocking fringes on her jackets and dresses all over the internet. Join the bandwagon and catch everyone’s attention with fringes trailing from the sleeves of your jacket. Summers aren’t as warm everywhere and if you’re in need of a little layering, they can save you from being boring.  

Fringes on your Skirt

Fringe is always an eye-catcher. Turn your heads with a fringed skirt that looks incredibly fun and playful. Lena Dunham made headlines this year with Massimo Giorgetti’s multicolour fringed knit skirt. The long strands will dance in the summer breeze for an effortlessly relaxed look. Fringes will accentuate the hemline of the skirt making it oh-so-stylish. Rush into summer sales and keep an eye out for discount deals, promotion offers and vouchers to own designer pieces at low prices at dealvoucherz platform. 

Tassels on Bags

Tassels on bags have been a runway favourite for a long time. But fringed bags owned the fashion week this year and designers like Elie Saab and Georgio Armani are swearing by this trend. Suede fringe on bags harkening back to the Wild Wild West can look edgy yet earthy. A little metallic detailing can give the effect of a gorgeous punk look. Little silver and gold tassels hanging from the bag looks fun yet timelessly classic. 

Tassled Shrug

For the all-out hippie look, a shrug or kimono with fringes on the edge is an absolute must. Drape yourself in a tassled shrug that drapes beautifully across your back. Pair this with hot pants for the perfect festival look. Take a cue from the runway and wear fringed capes over breezy shift dresses for a great summer wardrobe. To complete the look, place a flower crown on your forehead and look like a bohemian queen.

 Fringed Scarves

We know all too well how tricky summer can be. Sunny days turn into chilly nights and you’ll need a little layering to save yourself from a runny nose. The scarf is an indispensable weather item but there is no reason for it to not be trendy. The fringed scarf has steadily maintained its position on the fashion charts. Here’s a tip from a professional stylist: colour-code your entire look and pick a fringed scarf that is the same colour as your dress. The fringes will break the monotony and add instant glamour. You can also go the opposite way and colour-block your outfit.

 Fringe on Shoes

Don’t be surprised. Fringes can be effortlessly worked into all your wardrobe essentials including shoes. For an intro to fringe, try out fringed sandals. Sandals or ballet flats are summer essentials so why not get them up-to-trend. Go for some thick fringes on thick-soled sandals or platforms. For an edgy Western look, go for leather pumps embellished in metallic fringes.

 Fringed or Frayed Pants

Your jeans or denim shorts can pull off some fringe action too. Fashion reports say that the mid-rise fringed jeans have been flying off the shelves, so get your hands on one as soon as you can. 

Fringed Graphic Tee

This is a cheap closet staple for every fashion-conscious college goer. And the best part is you can make it yourself. Cut, sew, snip and stitch your old tees or buy cheap ones for a discount at any sale and make your own fringes.


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