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Healthy recovery post plastic surgery – Few tips to keep in mind


After spending a busy summer, a person’s interest in undergoing plastic surgery usually increases during winter and fall. There are many who prefer this particular time of the year since they know that the process of healing is faster during this time and hence covering up the wounds will become easier and more comfortable. If you’ve undergone a tummy tucking surgery, you will be recommended abdominal binders and as a matter of fact, they’re more comfortable during cooler temperatures and the best part is that you can cover up such things under your winter clothing. Swelling caused due to facial surgeries might also be easier to conceal. If you’re looking forward to some tips to increase the likelihood of a positive recovery from cosmetic surgery, here is some advice that you should follow from the cosmetic surgeons.

  1. Apply ice periodically: In case you’ve undergone any kind of face surgery like nose surgery or face lift or blepharoplasty, it is necessary that you apply ice as per the advice of the surgeon. Even though your surgeon might have bandaged that area, you should still require applying ice to that area. Make sure you ask your doctor about the time through which you should apply ice.
  2. Plan your time of recovery: The recovery time that you may take to get back to normalcy will depend on the type of surgery that you’ve gone through. While some may be fine within a few days, some other types may take few weeks as well. You have to keep this in mind as this will have an impact on your family life and work.
  3. Set realistic expectations: We have to face it that you will definitely look worse before you even look better. All types of cosmetic surgery involve swelling and bruising and it is only after few days that you will understand the actual results of the surgery. So, allow the natural healing process of continue and in case you suspect any problem, contact the surgeon.
  4. Follow the advice of the doctor: Whether it’s following each and every prescribed medication or resuming your daily workout or hygiene instructions, the surgeon can offer you the best advice which will facilitate your health recovery. Don’t make the mistake of not following the advice of your doctor as that can have serious consequences.

Make sure you avoid direct sunlight after going through plastic surgery. You may check out bjcohen.com to know more on plastic surgery and the ways in which the best reconstructive surgeons can help you get a new life with ease.


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