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How Does a Man Develop Hair Loss & What Can Be Done About It?


Men quite often begin to lose their hair in their 20s or early 30s. There are several reasons why this occurs and it’s not always what you would think at first. It’s a good idea to be aware of the causes because some of them are preventable or manageable before the hair loss becomes too pronounced. In other cases, there are medical procedures that can help resolve hair loss or transplant new hair in its place.

Let’s look at the reasons for male hair loss and how it can be addressed.

Scalp Damage from a Fire

Whether from a young age or as an adult, it’s possible to be in a fire and have scar tissue on the scalp which then prevents hair from growing in the future. The scar tissue grows over where the healthy scalp used to be and new hair growth is almost impossible from this point on in the affected area.

Male Pattern Baldness

With hair loss, the most likely cause is male pattern baldness. This is indicated on your grandfather’s side, not your father’s as it turns out. So, if your grandfather suffered natural hair loss during his life then the grandson could be affected in a similar way because of this. It is either down to a genetic cause or from male sex hormones which can also play a part.

The thinning areas of hair are usually at the front of the scalp and sometimes also at the crown area which is observed from the back or when bending the head forward to pick up something lower down. The hair follicle, which is where the hair pokes through on the scalp, shrinks over time for affected men. The hair gets progressively thinner and shorter too. At a certain stage, new hair stops growing out of the follicle, though curiously the follicle isn’t dead at this point.

Birth Defect

Sometimes a person is born with an abnormality on their scalp that prevents healthy hair growth. Or, they could have a medical condition that either limits or prevents hair growth from occurring.

Excessive Hair Color Dying

It’s said that the singer Elton John dyed his hair so many different psychedelic colors back in the 70s and 80s that eventually it caused his hair loss. Hair dyes quite often use ammonia and peroxide with their levels affecting the strength of the hair and the rate of hair loss later. Hair shafts also suffer a protein loss from dyes. When struggling with hair loss from excessive color dyes, it’s important to not comb, perm, dye or fuss with your hair too much because it could cause further damage.

Hair Treatment Options for Men

The number of treatments for baldness continues to increase. There’s advanced hair transplants, a robotic procedure to systematize the hair replacement process, and even stem cell hair therapy too. Many patients undergo a series of procedures as it takes time for a graft to take hold and the progress much be observed first before considering what comes next. San Diego treatments for male hair loss are accessible and affordable. There’s no need to be embarrassed about hair loss when you can now do something about it.

Early baldness in men has many causes. It was once something that men merely suffered through the negative comments but now there’s state-of-the-art medical procedures available from qualified dermatologists which offers real progress towards a fuller head of hair. Good news at last.


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