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How to Lessen the Intensity of Postpartum Depression


Postpartum depression can strike even the most prepared and level-headed moms. You cry one moment, get angry the next, be okay for a few minutes, then start the cycle over again. You feel lonely, crazy, and out of control—which is why diagnosis, medication, and perhaps therapy is important.

However, for those in-between at-home moments that you have to deal with alone, there are ways you can lessen the intensity of PPD episodes. Find Validation and Support in a System of Loved Ones that You Can Trust and Be Open With Before you ever give birth, and preferably long before you get pregnant, you should have an established support system of loved ones that care the most about you.

These are people that have always been there for you; the ones that have seen it all and still stick with you. That said, they are your rocks and safe havens when you need somewhere to turn to lessen the strength of negative postpartum feelings. Cry HARD When You Need to Cry at All During postpartum depression, you will feel the urge to cry. Not just cry—sob. But afterwards, you feel better. Crying releases chemicals that cleanses you of negative feelings for a short period of time.

So, cry hard. Push into your tears and let it out. You will come out on the other side with salty cheeks and better resolve. Don’t Neglect Your Health and Mental Well-Being—Regardless of How Overwhelmed You Feel Having a new baby, regardless of how many kids you have had before, leaves you feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis. The whole concept of keeping someone alive, healthy, and happy… it all feels so challenging. And you can absolutely do it. But you need time every now and then to focus on your mental well-being and overall health. Leave your baby with your spouse or someone trusted.

Go take a bubble bath. Take a nap (with a capsule of kavinace 120 to help you drift off easier). Read a short book. Go out to your favorite restaurant by yourself. Do whatever you need to do to feel whole again—then get back to the grind. Happy mom = happy baby. Book a Massage to Unwind in an Environment Dedicated to Meditation and Serenity Again, leave your babe with someone trusted and book a professional massage. For a whole hour, have your worries, stresses, and postpartum negatives kneaded away at the hands of a well-trained massage therapist.


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