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How to Live a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019


The truth that we all need to accept is that we’re not getting any younger. Though technology is becoming more advanced by the day, we’re nowhere close to figuring out how to extend our lives. Since this is the only chance that we get to live a full life, we should be able to make the best out of it by taking care of ourselves, in both mind and body. 

With the end of the first month of the year, you might be down in the dumps if you weren’t able to commit to your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t be pressured to quit while it’s still early! If you’re looking for a great jumpstart to your commitments, these items can help strengthen your goal for a better you throughout the year.

Committing to a diet and exercise routine

Though it can be highly tempting to stay at home and binge watch season upon season of shows and movies in the comfort of your home, you also need to give yourself proper care through a healthy lifestyle and by embracing fitness. Not everyone has the luxury of having a gym membership, but cardio is one of the most basic exercises that you can do to make sure that your heart rate’s in a healthy range and that you’re sweating off those carbs. Consult a nutritionist as to how you should manage your diet plan, but what you should prepare for are high amounts of protein and minerals paired with a reduced intake of sugars and junk food.

Disconnecting from gadgets

Everyone’s guilty of spending too much time on the internet. A common excuse is that it’s for ‘business’ purposes to stay online for over twenty hours a day. This year find some time to get off the grid and to be just by yourself. Not only will you be at peace for once, but you’ll also have more time to think about other things besides work and the buzzing noise of the internet.

Some alone time won’t hurt and getting away from all the buzz of technology can be the best move for you. Staying away from connected gadgets keeps you away from electromagnetic radiation which can potentially lead to various illnesses, with cancer being the worst. Limit your time exposed to electronic devices. Or better yet, learn more about EMF protection online so that you can better equip yourself regarding what to do and what to avoid in this busy technological age.

Finding yourself a hobby

A popular mindset these days is a career-oriented yearly plan which involves cataloguing how you’ll manage to have a breakthrough in your corporate career. Though it’s never wrong to plan, it’s very much unhealthy to push yourself. Find ways to squeeze in personal day offs and to engross yourself in a hobby. Having some time off allows you to destress and to face a new workday with a better sense of direction and motivation for success.


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