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Myths About Bum Lift Surgeries


Bum lift surgeries have become popular over the last decade because they enhance more than the backside. When it comes to a butt lift, it is important to know what is involved in this process. The procedure involves the removal of fat from one area of your body and it is added to your butt. For instance, fat can be removed from your thighs, love handles, or abdomen, and added to your bum. The result is a more shaped silhouette that is proportionate to your body shape and size. Since most people are not aware of what a butt lift involves, our staff at Europe Surgery are going to dispel some of the popular myths below:

Myth: A bum lift means you are going to have a really big butt
Fact: Most people think that this type of cosmetic surgery will not only improve, but it will enhance your bum out of proportion with your body. If you go to an experienced cosmetic surgeon, your body shape will be evaluated so that your bum fits well with the overall body shape.

Myth: It is better to gain weight before undergoing a butt lift
If you have an ideal weight, and your diet plan or exercise regimen cannot get you the shape you want, then a butt lift will boost your needs to get to the desired goals. Women of all body types can benefit from a butt lift because it helps to improve the overall appearance of your body.

A butt lift is not a one size fits all procedure, it is about individualistic goals and what you can achieve with the procedure. As we mentioned, the ideal weight is what is important before undertaking the procedure. You will not get better results if you add more pounds. In fact, it may be counterproductive.

Myth: The surgery is too risky
Fact: Like all surgeries, a butt lift has some risks. It is important to remind yourself that a good cosmetic surgeon is trained to undertake the surgery with minimal risk. If you have any pre-surgery complications, they will help to address the issues, and also ensure that you avoid any other risks like smoking, that can damage the results of the procedure.

Myth: You will end up with loose skin after the fat is gone
Fact: People fear that when liposuction is done, you will end up with loose skin on the area where fat is removed. That is not true. When a surgeon removes fat from your body part, the right amount of fat is taken that cannot cause the skin to sag. In fact, in some cases, liposuction causes the skin to tighten. 

There are cases where a surgeon will not allow liposuction to take place on particular body parts, especially if the skin has lost its elasticity. 

Myth: Skinny people cannot have a butt lift
Fact: People assume that skinny people do not undergo a butt lift. Although you cannot have a surgery if you do not have enough fat, your surgery might recommend a particular diet plan to help you gain some wait for the procedure to take place.


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