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Show-off your new body with confidence


This is the year to get into fashion, gain confidence and find your new fashion trend to make your own. Find the latest fashions at Brooks Brothers.

Plaid Suit

Feel like you made it and opt for a standout versatile lux Gold Fleece navy Glen plaid suit. Move freely in this lightweight suit, it’s almost like you’re wearing your favorite gym clothes. Wear it as a suit or separately, the choice is yours. Proudly made in the USA from the finest Italian silk, cotton, linen and wool.

The Blue suit

For a special event or summer suit, go for a relaxed and breathable Madison fit Seersucker suit.

Linen suit

Get your ultimate summer suit  and opt for a classy and on trend Regent fit 3-piece linen suit.

Long Wingtips

Go for quality and great construction brown Long Wingtips to   wear with your suits.

Cordovan shoes

Go for lustrous, long lasting shoes and opt for super comfortable Peal & Co, Cordovan Bluchers.

Linen Shirt

Go for a classic, pink or peach relaxed Madison fit Iris linen sports shirt. Looks good with jeans, chinos, and boat shoes.

Linen and Cotton Chinos

Get straight and flat front Milano fit Houndstooth linen and cotton chinos. Wear with your favorite Brogue dress shoes and plaid dress shirt.

Linen Block Hat

For when you want to spice up your outfit and bring it to another level, get  a linen and cotton block hat.

Cotton Pants

Look modern with slimmer Milano fit Seerscucker pants. Wear to boating, golfing or tennis, pair with sneakers and polo shirt.


Show your love for exotic leather and get lizard leather sneakers. Spark everyone’s  attention and wear with pants or chinos.

Boat shoes

Go for plaid boat shoes and standout, opt for Seersucker plaid boat shoes. Pair with Bermuda shorts and short sleeve shirt.

Bermuda Shorts

Go classic and get stripe pattern Seersucker Bermuda shorts. Wear with loafers and go sock-less , linen short sleeve shirt and a braided belt.

Bright Belt

Lift your mood, feel happy and get a summer belt you can wear with any outfit. Opt for a Kiel James Patrick bright Madras belt.

Let Brooks Brothers help you look as good as you feel, choose from the latest trends and show your new body.


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