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Take Back Your Life Today


The Dark Road

Through one circumstance or choice or another, you’ve found yourself on a dark path. At some point in time, your life became centered on drugs or alcohol. All of the other activities and people that you once enjoyed doing or spending time with may no longer be around. You may also be experiencing deteriorating health. If you have a family, it might even be possible that there are forces attempting to remove your family from you. It may seem hopeless, but there’s a facility eager to help you onto a new path.

Compassion and Guidance

Stepping Stones Recovery Houses offers sober living housing for those who are serious about taking their life back. After an easy phone interview to gain details about your addiction as well as any emergency contact information you can provide, you’ll be contacted once more with the move-in date to one of the recovery homes. From there, the team at Stepping Stones will help guide you back onto the path of a sober life with compassion and empathy. There’s no judgment allowed among the team or its residents. Everyone is working together to build one another up and fight the demons of addiction instead.

Unlike other recovery houses that simply offer you a program, and then send you back out into the world to fend for yourself, Stepping Stones follows a different procedure. They have numerous links and connections with organizations, employment agencies, and spiritual groups in the community to help you find support even after you leave. It’s easy to fall back into addiction without the proper tools and support waiting for you at home. Stepping Stones wants to make sure that you’re receiving that support long after you leave their doors. By introducing you to programs you can take a part in as well as providing possible employment opportunities, you can fill your life with productive choices that will make sure you maintain the path. Stay strong with Stepping Stones Recovery Houses.



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