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The benefits of knowing what side is your bladder on



There are many human body parts that we must know how to take care of them from inside the reasons is simply having the right knowledge can certainly help us prevent anything bad to our health. Let’s face the facts here our health is the most precious thing, and if you are having a slight doubt what side is your bladder on then, it is important you know about it because who don’t  might end up regretting it. How can you tell what is causing you the pain in the lower side of your body? Many of you may think it can be stomach issue or your abdomen is hurting. According to many medical searches, the bottom side of your abdomen is the location where pain begins.

Have you ever thought what side is the appendix on why it hurts so much whenever you pee and you still ignore it by thinking it must be some minor problem? Well, this is not entire the truth you have to take, it very seriously because the bladder is the thing where the urine passed out from the tube. The wall of the bladder could block that is letting urine out.

With that said below we have listed some real facts about the benefits of knowing what side is your bladder on to help you understand what a bladder infection is, what are the causes of it, are there any particular symptoms of it, and how you can treat this disease.

  • What is a bladder infection?

For many of you people, who don’t know that bladder infection is also known as bacterial infection which infects the UTI (Urine tract infection) it can occur anywhere in the urinary tract like, kidneys, bladder, urethra, and in most cases it is accurate that it will infect for long term and you need immediate care to prevent it.

  • What are the causes of it?

Before you get ‘’bladder infection treatment’’ you have to know the reasons for this infection first.  Primarily this is caused by bacteria that enter through your urethra and travel right in the bladder. The body washes out all the bacteria during the urination, but sometimes this bacterium can destroy the ability of the body and cause infection.

  • Are there any particular symptoms of it?

The sign of bladder infection depends on your conditions such as,

1) Blood comes in urine

2) Urinating more times than usual

3) Feeling burning or pain while urinating

4) Having pressure or cramping in lower abdomen

5) Foul smells in urine

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  • How can you treat this infection?

After knowing what side is your bladder on whether you are female or male, there prescribed medicines required to get rid of this infection you can use oral antibiotics, use plenty of fluids inform of water it the best, and avoid eating any food that contains too much spice.


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