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The Necessity For Running a Breast Lump Screening 


Breast related problems are very common in women. It has been observed that almost 60% women develops lump in their breast. However, developing a lump does not mean that you have breast cancer,in fact most lumps are non- cancerous. To know whether you are having breast cancer or not you need to go througha screening test. You can take the help of one of the tops surgeons who performs breast lump screening in Los Angeles.

Why Should Women Go For Breast Lump Screening

Breasts lumps vary in size and can be extremely painful. To determine whether it is benign or not, your surgeon will ask you to go for breast ultrasound. If it is confirmed to be cancerous, then there further steps will be taken. Your surgeon might keep you under observation for sometimes, to check

  • If the lump is developing and disappearing or it is permanent. This will help the surgeon to decide about the treatment.
  • If there is any change in the breast shape or not
  • If the nipple is looking different or has changed shape
  • If any rashes has developed around the nipple
  • If the lump or lumps are painful or not
  • If there is any swelling in the adjoining areas

In case the surgeon finds all any or all of the above mentioned conditions to be there, he or she will move ahead to take the next step. As the symptoms indicates that you have breast cancer.

The surgeon will diagnose and evaluate for further confirmation. The breast lump screening will be done in the following ways :-

  • Mammography –It is a low dose x-ray examining the breast condition. This process involves obtaining the inside images of the breast. Few pictures are taken to determine whether the lump is benign or not.
  • Breast ultrasound –This process is followed to create sound waves to obtain inside images of the breast. It helps to captures inside pictures of the entire breast, which might not be possible through mammography. It gives a clear picture about the state of the lump as well as the size. The surgeon will be able to find out whether the lump is solid or fluid.
  • Breast MRI –It is very powerful way of determining whether your lump is benign or not. It uses radiofrequency pulses to obtain a detailed inside image of breast to determine the exact condition. It is used to evaluate lumps that mammography or ultrasound fails to detect.

However in order to perform breast lump screening in Los Angeles, your surgeon needs to know your health history first. Few of the screening process may not suit you if you are pregnant or you think you are pregnant or you have any allergies and any other health issues. Your surgeon needs to know in details about your health. In case he or she finds any of the evaluating process to be unsuitable or any of the treatment procedure to be unsuitable, he or she will take other measures to help you battle this tough situation. You can trust them to guide you.


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