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This is Why You’re Always Exhausted


Feeling exhausted isn’t always about not getting enough sleep. If you are always tired despite sleeping enoughits probably because you are not getting quality sleep. Its all about quality and quantity. However, it more than that. It could be because of your habits before bed and some in the morning.

Chances are that if you are always feeling exhausted and you don’t seem to know why, there is a high chance that you are missing out of deep and restorative sleep that your body needs. What you do during the day can alter the quality of your sleep. Here are some of the reasons why:

You’re not working out enough

Being active during than day, whether its just twenty minutes per day, after work or in the morning can help you sleep more soundly. If you keep your body at a normal weight and healthy, you will also reduce a number of health problems like sleeping disorders e.g sleep apnea.

You’re working out before going to sleep

Doing intense workout just before bed can potentially affect your sleep quality. There are people who don’t experience this problem and actually benefit from it but there are those who are sensitive to it.

Working out before bed can affect your body temperature and produce different hormonal changes that will impact your sleep. If you must, you should stick to low-key workouts like yoga. The ideal time to work out is in the morning or after work if you missed working out in the morning. Avoid working out three to four hours before sleeping.

You go to bed hungry

If you can go to bed hungry it can disrupt your sleep. This may result to an arousal where your brain is stimulated but you’re no fully awake. You should try taking a light snack before going to sleep if your stomach growls enough to wake you up in the middle of the night. A piece of fruit or bowl of yogurt will do.

You eat before going to sleep

Just like an empty stomach, a full stomach an also affect the quality of your sleep. You are more likely to experience a heartburn or GERD if you have a heavy meal just before going to bed.

You drink and go out alone

If you are always fining yourself at a bar or club after work and still need to wake up in the morning in time for work then you are also affecting the quality of your sleep. In any case if you are drinking every day, you need to find Recovery resources in Greely.

You sleep in on weekends

Even though getting enough sleep is important, getting a consistent sleep-wake schedule is even more important. Inconsistency can leave you sleep deprived even though you are getting enough sleep.

There are people who are more sensitive to changing schedules than others. Even thirty minutes off can affect the quality of your sleep. So you need to make a point of going to sleep and wake up same time everyday even on weekends.

Your mattress or pillow is old

Overtime, the mattress and pillow collects dust, dead skin cells, and mites. If you are allergic, this can affect the quality of your sleep. You need to make sure that you replace your pillow and pillow cases after every two years. Also invest in a new mattress if the mattress is old and worn out.

You are addicted to your smartphone

The bright light stimulation from your phone can also affect the quality of your sleep. Once you get home from work, make a point of dimming your lights, using lights instead of the above your head lights, and loweringthe light on your TV, computer, tablets, and phone. In fat, make a point of not using any electronics 30 minutes to an hour before bed.

Your room is too bright

When it comes to bedtime, the bedroom needs to be as dark as possible. Using night lights or having a TV in your room can impact the quality of your sleep.

Your sheets are dirty

Sleep quality will not only be affected by the old mattress and pillows but by the dirty sheets as well. Even though washing your sheets and remaking your bed can be very annoying, you need to do it at least every fortnight. Eradicating germs and allergens will allow you to sleep better. Besides, what feels better than climbing into a clean bed?

You have a sleep disorder

If you can’t figure out why you’re exhausted all the time even though you practice good sleep hygiene and get adequate sleep, you need to see a sleep specialist. You could be having an underlying sleep disorder like parasomnia to sleep apnea. Sleep disorders keep you from getting deep and restorative sleep and you need a professional to help you manage it.

Your room is too dusty

Truthfully, when was the last time you vacuumed your room? If you don’t vacuum regularly, dust will accumulate on your floors and all over your room as well. If you have allergies, this will affect the quality of your sleep. So make sure you clean your room regularly.

Your room is too warm

The right room temperature varies from one person to the other however the recommended temperature is around 68v degrees. Also need to make sure you wear breathable and lightweight pajamas.

Final Verdict

Sleep is important, there is no denying that. However, it is the quality of sleep that matters more than the quantity. What’s the point of having quantity sleep and still feel exhausted throughout the day.

Since your quality of sleep affects how your day turns you need to pay more attention to the quality of sleep. If you do any of these things then you have to stop and do better to improve your sleep quality. Have a sleep ritual if you must but make sure that your room is not dusty, that your sheets are clean and that the bed is comfortable. Don’t sleep on an empty stomach and don’t eat too much before bed.


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