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Three Tips for Choosing a Glass Marijuana Pipe


If you are a medicinal or recreational marijuana user, you might be on the hunt for the perfect glass pipe to use. There are tons of different types of pipes on the market at all different price ranges, so you should not have a hard time finding one. However, you probably want to ensure that you buy the best pipe possible. These are a few tips that can help you ensure that you are happy with the pipe that you purchase.

  1. Choose the Right Size

First of all, you should consider the size of your pipe. Some people prefer a bigger pipe, which they might find provides them with a more pleasant smoking experience and that can hold drier herb. Others often prefer a smaller pipe that is a bit more discreet and that might fit better in their hands. This really depends on personal preference, the size of your hands and what you will be using your pipe for. For example, if you’re going to be taking it with you when you travel, you may want to opt for a smaller pipe. A smaller pipe might also be a good fit for someone who has small hands, whereas someone with bigger hands might find that a larger pipe is easier to handle.

  1. Look for a Durable Pipe

Pipes come in all different price ranges, so even if you aren’t looking to spend a lot, you can still buy something to smoke out of. However, if you want to be able to use your pipe in the long term, you may want to spend a little more so that you can purchase one that will last.

Pipes that are made from thinner glass might seem nice, but the problem is that they can break a lot more easily. As you handle and use the pipe more and more, you can expect for it to be more prone to breaking. Also, if you drop a pipe that is made out of thinner glass, you can pretty much expect for it to break. With a higher-quality pipe, it might not.

In the long run, you could end up spending more money if you always buy cheap pipes that are made from thin glass because you may have to replace them more often.

  1. Check Out Assorted Designs and Styles

There are so many assorted designs and styles of pipes for you to choose from. For some, it is considered a true art form. You can pick your favorite color or design, or you can try a pipe in a totally new and exciting shape. If you would like to have an idea of some of the pipe designs that are out there, you can check out https://smokea.com/collections/water-pipes.

As you can see, there are a few different things that you can keep in mind when shopping for a glass marijuana pipe. If you follow these tips, you might find that it’s easier than you thought to find a great pipe that you will be happy with.


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