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Tips About Attiring Yourself To Impress Your Interviewer


We all know the significance of marketing in today’s world.  There is no denial to the fact that marketing is the driving force in the present days. So, when it comes to applying for a job, you should know that it is also a test of your marketing skills. Of course, it does not mean that you need to adorn yourself with products from expensive retailers to get yourself dressed for an interview.   However, you can still have the luxury to get dressed and impress your interviewer because of the availability of abundance of professional yet pocket friendly garments in the market. If you are able to present yourself properly to the interviewer, you can impress your interviewer with your dressing skills. Dressing does not mean to look extravagant.  To impress your interviewer, you are required to dress professionally. A good dressing sense will help your interviewer realize that you are a professional and would take the job seriously. You cannot spoil the first impression as you would like to make it a lasting one. There are many companies which give a great deal of importance to the manner a candidate dresses himself.

Tips about attiring yourself that you may consider to impress your interviewer while you attend an interview:

Tips that Men and Women Can Follow:

  • No matter how hard you try to dress yourself, it won’t be a worth unless you have a smiling face. Remember that a smile brings in lot of positive energy and you should always wear it.  It will help you set in the stage of the interview.

  • Ensure you look neat, clean and you are well groomed to impress your interviewer.

  • If you have a bad breath make sure you brush your teeth well and use a mouthwash before you step out of your house. You can also carry some mints and have one before you step into the office premises if you really wish to impress your interviewer.

  • It is better to skip perfumes and colognes. You never know what smells might be alluring to the interviewer. In case, if he is allergic, then it might not be good for you.

  • If you have tattoos, cover them as much as possible.

  • Don’t wear too many earrings or nose rings even if you have many piercings. A small pair of earrings and a nose ring would be good for you.

  • Wear ironed clothes with no wrinkles on it. Ensure there is no stain mark on the cloth that you are going to wear for the interview.

  • To impress your interviewer, you should wear well fitted clothes.

  • If you have dandruff, try to brush yourself off before you enter the premises.

  • Carry your portfolio on your left arm. keep your right arm free for a handshake.

Tips for Men

  • To impress your interviewer, it is best to for a matching two-piece suit. You can choose between navy or dark grey in colour.

  • You can wear long-sleeves white or neutral colour shirt with a collar.  If you are fond of stripes, go for soft ones but avoid wearing any loud pattern.

  • If you want you can wear a tie. While selecting the tie, select in keeping mind the colour of the suit and the shirt. It is always good to avoid wild patterns.

  • Wear clean and polished dark leather or leather looking shoes.

  • Wear socks which are dark in colour.

  • Wear a belt that is a good match to a colour of your shoes.

  • Your fingernails should be neatly trimmed and cleaned.

  • Comb your hair neatly with a trimmed back of the neck.

  • Keep your facial hair neatly trimmed.

Tips for Women

  • Women should remember that their overall look should not too flashy. To impress your interview, your look should be sharp and professional.

  • If you are comfortable wearing a suit, you can wear a navy blue or a dark grey suit.

  • Wear a skirt of appropriate length wearing which you can manage to sit comfortably. It is never advised to wear a miniskirt.  Do not wear a dress to an interview.

  • Along with the suit, wear a tailored shirt. The colour of the shirt should match with the colour of your suit.  You can settle for colours like ivory, light blue and white. Remember you should not reveal too much of your skin in an interview.

  • Hair should be clean and neatly parted. It should not fall on your brows and should not look messy and clumsy. You should avoid spiked or excessively coloured hair.

  • You should wear neutral make up with a touch of a neutral lipstick to accentuate your look and personality.

  • Your nails should be manicured, trimmed and well-maintained.

  • Refrain from wearing loud and big jewellery.

  • You can add a silk scarf to look elegant but do not over accessorize yourself.

So, the next time you are going to attend an interview, you should be bit more careful about your attire. Besides attire, you should also take care of your personality of how are you going to carry yourself to impress your interviewer. Now, go through the above-mentioned tips. I am pretty sure the tips are going to help in getting dressed and impress your interviewer.


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