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Utilize The Best of Florida to Heal


A Developing Problem

Depending on how deep into an addiction you are, you may not know exactly when the best time to start inpatient drug rehab in Florida is. You may even feel that it’s too late for any progress to be made. That is not the case. No matter how long you have been addicted to drugs or alcohol, there is always a possibility to find healing and return to a sober lifestyle. With addiction in the United States reaching all times highs, it’s more important than ever to understand what resources are out there to help you.

Florida’s Natural Healing

One of the best options to fight addiction and reclaim your life is at the Journey Pure Emerald Coast recovery center. Situated in the idyllic Panama City Beach area, patients here can find the healing they need with the support the recovery center offers to them. They have an inpatient program that is based on an initial assessment and examination that is made of the patient upon their first entry. This is to ensure that they are given the best plan possible to help them beat addiction, make it through the withdrawal and detox stage, and then reinforce good habits and behavior so that they can leave the recovery center and stand a better chance of not relapsing.

The length of a patient’s stay rests entirely on how far into the addiction the patient is and their state of mental and physical health. Obviously, for those who require extra care and attention, they can expect to stay a bit longer at Emerald Coast than someone who just started using drugs. For one, the detox period is going to be longer. They’ll also require deeper forms of therapy since they’re going to have to deal with the lasting effects that prolonged drug and alcohol use did to their bodies.

Typically, a patient will first go through a detox. Once their bodies have removed the harsh chemicals and other ailments, they can start their therapy. In some cases, therapy might go along with the detox as well. Proper nourishment is an important part of Emerald Coast’s recovery plan. By eating organic and whole foods, patients can help their bodies heal faster. By eating greasy or food that isn’t really good for them, they can actually slow up the healing process. Instead, by choosing to eat organic foods that nourish the body, a great deal of healing can be boosted and promoted through diet alone. The patient can help themselves by eating right.

Besides just diet, Emerald Coast offers its beautiful location as a place to heal as well. Many scientists and researchers have looked into the therapy known as Nature Therapy. In those studies, they found that by simply walking in nature, people were able to feel some sort of comfort or relaxation. Their mood was boosted, and they felt an overall positivity. With Panama City Beach just within reach, patients can have their own form of nature therapy by walking along the sand, swimming in the ocean, perhaps even building a few sand castles. The focus is on connecting the patient with nature and the healing properties that stem from that interaction.

Besides that, they also have more traditional forms of therapy. Patients will receive individual therapy, so they can be sure that their needs are being addressed. Therapists can help the patient uncover traumas or triggers that may be responsible for igniting their need to use drugs or alcohol. By locating them and understanding them, patients can then help formulate a plan to deal with them in a healthy way.

After individual therapy, patients can also attend group therapy. This is to help them develop close relationships with those who are also suffering along with them. These bonds of community can work to be excellent sources of support. When the patient eventually transitions back into life outside of Emerald Coast, they can contact those friends they’ve made at the recovery center and rely on them when things start to become tough.

Apply Soon

It’s never too late to stop your addiction. If you’re serious about wanting help and starting a new sober lifestyle, then you should apply to Journey Pure Emerald Coast. With them at your side, you can beat addiction and live a life free of drugs.


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