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Acne, – is an inflammatory condition of a skin that is particularly common in adolescents as they undergo puberty, but may also be found in adulthood.

Acne is the most common skin problem that inevitably affects the lives of each of us at some point. It can occur at any age, but teenagers are the most affected by this, because besides affecting health and physical appearance, acne also raises its negative effects even regarding social integration. If the problems are serious, it can go lead to depressed states and, implicitly, isolation of the person.

Acne is an inflammatory disease of a skin that occurs as a result of hypersecretion of sebaceous glands with bacterial superinfection of sebum. So sebum is the “food” for bacteria that cause acne, and if there is no sebum, there are no bacteria, or acne or pimples. Well, this new therapeutic approach is based on active acne laser therapy.

Untreated for acne is cyclical evolution, alternating periods of improvement (when you seem to have gotten out of trouble) with spontaneous exacerbations. The rash intensifies in autumn, when it decreases ultraviolet radiation, as well as in the premenstrual period, when it exacerbates the hormonal disturbances that intensify the secretions of sebum.

It can manifest in different ways:

Baskets – Small protrusions appear in the skin, sometimes containing pus;

Blackhead – small bands, black, which occur as a result of the accumulation of a mixture of seborrheic and dead cells that blocks the pores;

Whiteheads – small skin or white skin tones that occur as a result of a pore block;

Cysts – deep lesions that are formed either immediately below the skin or more in depth and contain substances whose consistency is either liquid or semi-solid.

The most affected areas of the skin are those areas where most sebaceous glands are found: face, chest, shoulders and back. Acne can also be found on the arms or thighs, but the cases are extremely rare.

Depending on the severity of the lesions there are two types of acne: superficial and profound.

Acne treatment is carried out through several methods: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, hygienic-dietary and local cream treatment, and the most modern treatment – laser treatment of active acne and treatment of acne complications, namely post-acne scars. The best results in the treatment of acne, however, is provided by Academy Laser Clinics. The team of experienced skin physicians offer an extended range of treatments, including: Fractional CO2 Laser “ScarLess DOT”, for moderated and severe scars as well as Pure PRP Injections and Steroid Injections. A specific treatment will be suggested to you after a first visit.

Phalloplasty is the surgical intervention of penis construction or reconstruction. Surgical techniques used for male enhancement include two stages that can be performed separately or together: elongation and thickening of the penis. These techniques are mentioned in the medical literature, in urology, long before being implemented best10top

Historical milestones in male genital surgery

The penis stretching technique was first practiced in the early 1980s in Boston as a surgical method to help individuals who were born with birth defects of the phallus. In this method, the release of the penis support ligaments in its normal position, from the pubic bone level, took place. This allowed a maximum elongation of 6 cm (depending on the anatomical structure of the individual).

By the late 1980s, this technique had been improved by a Chinese doctor who was given credit for inventing the penis stretching technique. This penis enlargement technique was first tested in Miami at the same time when a plastic doctor experienced the adjustment of penile circumference in combination with liposculpture. This was the first application of what today is called autologous fat transfer. Since then, other techniques have been discovered that use tissue grafts (abdomen, arm), dermal grafts, where the body is capable of cellular regeneration on the grafted substrate. In most cases, these techniques have similar results.

Phalloplasty for the purpose of sex change was first made in 1946 by Dr. Harold Gillies (patient Michael Dillon).

CALIBRE Clinic is a clinic that is the first practitioner in Australia that have developed non surgical alternatives for penile augmentation, taking away the risks associated with penis enlargement surgery. CALIBRE involves the injection of dermal fillers into the penile skin, and can also be used to treat the head or glans. The treatment they provide increases the length and circumference of the penis and it’s basically an injection of dermal fillers which increases the penis’ circumference by up to one inche when erect.

Pulsed Light is a modern technology dedicated to body and facial treatments. It can be used to permanently remove unwanted hair from any surface of the body to remove pigmented superficial stains (sunspots), to relieve superficial vascular damage (rosacea), but also for treatments that rejuvenate the skin, the results being visible from the first meeting.

This technology has enjoyed a great success in the field of cosmetics. People who choose IPL’s complete epilation benefit from personalized epilation sessions, where the technician takes into account the particularities of each type of photo (skin color, specific pigmentation, hair color and thickness) so that treatment is effective and fast.

Hair grows three stages of evolution: anagen – the hair is in active growth, with root attached to the papilla (responsible for growing a new root and a new hair when calling for classical hair removal methods); catagen – hair is detached from the papilla, but continues to be nourished and grow; and telogen – the hair stops growing, it is completely detached from the papillae, migrates to the surface, and gradually falls, after which the process is repeated). The effectiveness of definitive epilation is based on burning, in each session of hair, whose root is still attached to the papilla and the burning of the papilla, that is, the anagen phase.

Academy Face and Body is one of the most professional clinics where you can get IPL Perth treatment. Why here? A qualified Dermal Therapists that holds an IPL/ Laser Safety Officer certificate will take care of the process and will perform the treatment with professionalism, putting  your needs and comfort in first place, and they are a Certified Palomar and Lumenis M22 Provider. An initial comprehensive consultation will take place, to make sure you are informed and have the best treatment for you and your needs.


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