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Why do some men lose their hair?


Baldness is a widely faced problem facd by every human being.  When men are faced by patchy scalp, it follows with lack in confidence. The hair loss lead to lag their self esteem, fuller scalp adds to a special grace in the personality. When the graces loses, personality loses its charm.

Two out of every three men face baldness up to the age of 60. Some face it in much younger age. But don’t  rely on age factor, this baldness can be deceiving.Two-thirds of men face this by age 35, and a bad genetic hand is often to blame.

Normal shedding of strands is everyday phenomenon, but if you notice anything more than that, it’s an alarm. You should get up and first of all find the root cause of the issue. Here is how you can do that.

Expert Opinion

Go, consult a a doctor. He will analyze the situation and then propose what happening and what you should do. If the thinning has been spread all over your scalp and your crown and temples are fien, ite may pose towards any underlying health problem. There are many health concerns that may lead to baldness, such as:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid problem
  • Iron deficiency
  • Low protein

This type of scalp issue can be overcome by maintaining your diet. Keep your diet full of essential nutrients and vitamins. It will automatically improve your scalp health. The another health concern may include any skin infection that is leading to thinning. Ask the dermatologist that may refer anything to apply on your scalp.

Telogen Effluvium

Sudden stress can also cause slow baldness that is not noticeable for a long time,, this condition is called telogen effluvium. It interrupts the natural growth cycle of follicles leading to baldness. This condition is temporary and can be overcome by changing lifestyle to more healthy and peaceful. The other kind of baldness follows a special pattern triggered by the male sex hormones. The receding take place from the side of the temples.

Male pattern baldness

The most common type of baldness in men, also called androgenic alopecia. It is related to male sex hormones and genes. It follows the pattern a receding your hairline and thinning at the crown of your head. The baldness also occurs on your temples, creating an M-shaped line around your scalp.

Most men go bald eventually, 50 percent to 60 percent of them start losing their strands by the age of 70. But a defect in the androgen receptor gene is what causes premature balding.

Male-pattern baldness is an inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT, a by-product of testosterone), which leads to a recession, and finally a deserted scalp. This specific condition in men is noticed after the age of 50. Some of the common causes behind this problem in men are as follows:

  • The growth cycle in each follicle for production of strands in your head begins to weak.
  • Follicles shrink and produce less strands.
  • Eventually, the process continuous and no growth is possible.
  • Some causes are serious, like any disease or medications.
  • Age factor, inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone


Typical male pattern baldness is usually diagnosed based on the appearance and pattern of the recession in the scalp of men. The doctor examines the skin condition and reviews the patient’s medical history. Some specific blood tests may be required to diagnose disorders responsible for this problem.


There are various treatments available according the severity of the problem. Consult a reputed doctor and get better recommendation. Go for it if you desire to get better appearance in the long run. Have a look:


  • The cure by medicine, it can be oral medicine or some supplement to be applied on scalp.
  • The FDA approved medicine for male pattern baldness Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar), it is the oral medication.
  • A pill that stimulates with the production of a highly active form of testosterone that is related to baldness.
  • It slows the loss, however, its returns when you stop using this medicine.

The solution should be permanent that can prove long lasting results later in life. Hair Restoration in Dubai provide state of the art services with skilled doctors and standard techniques. This procedure takes healthy grafts from th edonor site and transplant them into the recipient site. The growth is natural and no effects of surgery are visible. The recovery takes a few weeks and the full results are visible in the matter of months. For FREE consultations in this regard visit FUT hair transplant clinic Dubai. Get your graceful personality back with unlosable self esteem.


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