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Why healthcare providers should trust online pharmacies for procurement of medical supplies


Till not long ago, healthcare providers relied on the conventional model of distribution of medical consumables and hospital supplies. They existed on this strategy for long before technology happened and changed the way procurement is done. Similarly, the limitations and problems faced with the old-way method of buying medical equipment forced healthcare providers to look for a new method that adds value to them on all fronts. They now have online platforms for support and this is helpful in removing any information asymmetry and streamlining the purchase processes for them.

Let’s look at how online pharmacies have transformed the procurement ease for healthcare providers –

Direct buying of consumables/equipment from manufacturer

Healthcare providers are happy with the way technology has come to their help as they can now look to buy medical equipment directly from manufacturers themselves. There is no need to rely on the existing distribution channel or give way too much leverage to suppliers. Rather, hospitals can visit any top online pharmacy, browse through hundreds of thousands of healthcare products and then select accordingly. They don’t have to bargain anyone but manufacturers itself.

Easy sourcing of medical equipment 

Online medical stores have made the task of equipment sourcing extremely easy. They have virtually all products listed at one place and healthcare providers can find anything and everything with ease. Any equipment or instrument can be selected, its specifications read and analyzed before placing the order. They can now by a syringe as easily as an ECG machine or MRI device, and this is how online platforms have changed the way medical equipment is sourced.

Quality and right price guaranteed

Earlier, it was not possible for hospitals in Tier II/III markets to be sure about whether they were getting the quality they deserve and whether the prices were the best on offer. Since they did not have much of a visibility in the entire procurement and distribution process, they had to be contend with whatever suppliers made available. Online pharmacies have broken this monopoly and given the reign in the hands of healthcare providers who can decide on own what to buy and how much to pay.

Genuine products from authorized distributors 

The conventional procurement due to complexities and fragmented distribution system does not ensure genuineness of the product and if its from authorized distributors. The same is not the case with online stores as they only allow listing to licensed and certified manufacturers and distributors. This is why hospitals are sure of delivering quality to patients.

Heavy discounts on bulk shopping   

It’s true that medical equipment online shopping in India comes with huge discounts on bulk shopping. So, healthcare providers can expect to benefit on price and quality front together with getting high-quality medical equipment delivered to their doorstep in a quick time. All this shows how procuring medical equipment has gone simpler and hospitals and clinics are in a position to benefit the most.



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