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Why Is Inpatient Rehab Treatment So Beneficial?


There are many addiction treatment resources for professionals that can be found online. You might have heard a lot about what going to rehab would be like. However, you are still very apprehensive about going. This is very understandable. However, you need to get help if you have a drug or alcohol addiction that has taken over your life. There is help for you. You just need to be willing to take the first step and check yourself into a rehab facility where you will receive inpatient care. Here are a few of the main reasons why inpatient treatment has been so successful for so many people.

1. Patients do not need to work and go to rehab at the same time.

Kicking a drug or alcohol habit can be a very hard thing to do. You will most likely need to put all of your focus on your recovery in order to get the results that you are looking for. You will not be able to do this if you are holding down a full-time job at the same time. There are many stressful jobs linked to addiction. This is why it is so helpful that people who choose to go to an inpatient rehab facility will not need to work for the duration of their treatment. They are confined to the rehab facility and not able to leave unless they quit the program. The patient can totally relax and not have to worry about waking up at 5am to be at work on time.

2. Being around other patients for so many hours will make it much easier to form lasting bonds with these people.

You will need all of the friends that you can get when your time at the treatment facility has come to an end. There will be many temptations that will make you think about starting to use drugs and alcohol again. It is at times like these when having friends who went to rehab with you will be so valuable. You can call these people up and they can try to convince you to not go back down the path of substance abuse again. You will have plenty of time to get to know all of the patients you are going to rehab with. You will hear stories from the other patients during group therapy sessions. Going to outpatient treatment does not provide you the opportunity to bond with other patients on any meaningful level because your time together will be so brief.

3. You will have constant access to members of the staff at all hours of the day or night.

Living full-time in the rehab facility means that you will always be surrounded by highly trained people who care about your health and recovery. You will be able to go to them any time you are not feeling well, you are having a problem with one of the other patients or you just need someone to talk to. This is a benefit that people in outpatient treatment do not have. Having the staff of the rehab facility in close proximity to you for the entire duration of your treatment can be extremely valuable when it comes to kicking your addiction.

4. Negative influences will not be able to come into contact with you while you are in treatment.

Patients are literally locked into an inpatient rehab facility while they are undergoing treatment. This is a good thing because it is impossible for anyone to communicate with people who might cause them to start using drugs or alcohol again. Most people who are addicts have certain people they like to get drunk or high with. Simply being around these people during your treatment could seriously jeopardize all of the progress you have made. This is why the totally safe environment of an inpatient rehab facility is so critical to the success of every patient.

5. Stress created by relationships, family and children will not be a factor for patients.

An inpatient facility temporarily shields the patients from the various stresses they typically have to deal with in real life. Therefore, their experience in rehab is much more calm and relaxing than it would have been if they went to an outpatient program. Being in a relationship and raising children at the same time you are trying to kick a substance abuse problem can be very tough. This is why the isolation aspect of inpatient treatment is so effective for every patient at the facility.


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