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Why Lemongrass is One of the Most Important Essential Oils


Advocates of natural and healthy living have long advocated the benefits of using essential oils for such things as helping to relax or even energizing oneself. One of the favorites of the natural health-minded community is lemongrass oil. Here are some of the benefits that you may be able to experience when using lemongrass essential oil.

Easy on the Insides

One of the chemical components of lemongrass is a substance called aldehydes. These chemicals are known to aid in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Users of lemongrass that are seeking this benefit can either place a few drops of the essential oil onto their food or into their beverage of choice or use veggie capsules from a company such as doTERRA that can be filled with essential oils and then swallowed.

Try to Focus

One of the most popular reasons that certain essential oils are used is to help focus or fatigue. Lemongrass oil is sometimes used to help with this. When trying to re-energize a bit, the best way to use the oil is to put it in a diffuser. The diffuser will evaporate the oil so that the immediate vicinity is filled with all of the oils working ingredients in the air. The user needs only to breathe in deeply to feel the positive effects that this method of using essential oils can bring. Maintaining mental clarity is actually one of the most popular lemongrass oil uses.

Relief for Muscles

Using lemongrass during massages is another very popular way that people use the oil. Many massage therapists believe that it helps to purify the skin and also works to reinvigorate tired or sore muscles. When attempting to use this method, it is important to remember that some essential oils should never be used undiluted when applied directly to the skin. Check the label to see if the essential oil should be diluted. It is best to use a natural carrier oil such as a vegetable oil or a nut oil to help dilute it.

How to Dilute Essential Oils

Most experts recommend that the solution is at a concentration of 3%. To easily achieve this, simply put three drops of pure essential oils into a teaspoon of either a carrier oil or purified water. This will ensure the maximum strength can be achieved while still maintaining the gentleness that dilution offers.

As you can see, when it comes to essential oils, lemongrass is one of the best to use. It offers many benefits with virtually no downsides.


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