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Why You Should Immediately Seek Residential Treatment for Opiate Addiction


Finding an appropriate opiate rehab is one of the best decisions you can make for your life if you are suffering from addiction. Use of opiates in America is at unheard of levels and is one of the largest threats to the health of people over age 18.

Why are opiates addictive?

Opiates are drugs made from the seeds of poppy flowers. As beautiful as the flowers seem, the drugs made from this plant are causing a skyrocketing death toll in America. Opiates are highly addictive due to their ability to quickly allow the body to form a tolerance that switches to dependency. You have to steadily increase your consumption to avoid withdrawals and maintain a high.

How hard is it to recover from opiate addiction?

The difficulties in recovering from opiate addiction are the high risk of relapse after you quit. It can take quitting a few times before you no longer feel the burning desire to use the drug again. For many people, this is a disheartening fact that keeps them from seeking treatment again if the first time fails. It can make life seem messy and chaotic.

What Might Be Lurking in the Opiates

One big problem with scoring opiates on the street is not knowing the origin of the drug and how potent the mixture can be. You can take a fatal dose if the potency is much higher than you’re used to consuming. Synthetic opioids are also added as a way to boost the high. Unfortunately, products like fentanyl are easy to take too much of and you can immediately suffer a life-threatening medical problem. Increasingly, the street heroin is laced with substances that are more deadly than the heroin itself.

Accidental Overdose and Opiates

The possibilities of a fatal overdose are always present when it comes to opiates. Deaths due to opiate use overdose have increased by 500 percent since 2015. It presents a real and present danger to anyone that develops an addiction to the drug. No one that is hurting for the drug is going to take the time to ask questions about the source, purity, or additives of the heroin. Consequently, drug overdoses due to opiate addiction will continue to be a problem.

Fear of Withdrawal

One of the factors that keeps people out of rehab programs to kick opiate addiction is the fear of withdrawals. Anyone that is addicted to opiates has felt the crushing symptoms of withdrawal begin once the level of drugs drops below an acceptable amount in the body. It’s a rough experience that is enough to have addicts resist the idea of treatment vigorously. The good news is that proper medical detox can help alleviate many of the uncomfortable symptoms and make it easier to rid the body of opiates.

When Safety Counts

The driving need to get treatment for opiate abuse should outweigh the drive to stay in the cycle of addiction. The insecurity of knowing with each use if you will have an overdose or fatal ingestion of toxic substances should be enough to get the user thinking about attempting treatment. The statistics for fatal overdoses should be a number that is scary enough to puh towards the recovery goal.

Should I try short-term or long-term residential treatment?

A full-blown opiate addiction will require a residential treatment program to get clean of the drug and partake in intensive therapy. The deciding factors between long and short-term program duration will depend on how long you have used opiate drugs. It will also take into account the level of drugs you use on a daily basis. The more intense the addiction, the longer the stay will be.

Push Yourself Towards a Brighter Future

No drug addiction can be defeated overnight. It’s also nearly impossible to quit a drug like opiates cold-turkey, without any assistance. It’s a risk to your health to attempt to withdrawal from drugs like opiates without a medical supervision in place. It guarantees you can get medical assistance in the event there is an emergency that happens during withdrawal. Push for a life free from opiate use.

It’s imperative to begin seeking the right treatment program to begin the process of getting an opiate addiction under control with the increasing dangers involved in continued use. You can begin enjoying life again without opiates.


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