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Basic Things that You Need to Know about HCG Maintenance Phase


Once you are done with the HCG 500 calorie phase, you will move on to the HCG maintenance phase. This stage or phase ideally looks after stabilizing and maintaining whatever weight you have lost in the process. But something feels wrong when you find out you are gaining more than two pounds in this phase. So, have you been experiencing weight gain in your HCG maintenance phase? The authentic HCG drops reviews can help you out understand what is going wrong and how you can overcome this issue.

What are the reasons for gaining weight in this phase?

  • Consuming a whole lot of sugars and starches especially during the first three weeks can hamper the maintenance phase completely.
  • Water consumption is important. Avoiding drinking enough water can cause trouble in this phase.
  • Let your food portions be adequate not too big. Eating more than what you require is definitely not recommended.
  • Maintaining the gap before your dinner and bed time is very crucial. Eating and going off to bed immediately can fire back the dieting in wrong way.
  • Avoid junk food. This can get dangerous than you might be thinking it can hamper your dieting process. Stop eating at fast food joints.
  • Having trans-fat food is bound to be a reason for your weight gain. It’s a big no when it comes to consuming trans-fat food.
  • Using artificial sweeteners can do wrong to your weight loss until and unless it is Stevia or Truvia.
  • The biggest reason states that it can be that you did not do the phase 2 properly and correctly.

How to stabilize your weight during this phase?

  1. Drink ½ a gallon of water regularly and positively. It is mandatory to drink a glass full in the morning for desirable results.
  2. Exercise well everyday and always let your body do yoga that can help in triggering the weight loss at a faster pace.
  3. Drinking green tea is preferred as it helps in boosting the metabolism level in the body which is further going to help in the quest to get desirable results of the weight loss program as mentioned in the HCG drops reviews.
  4. Walking is equally important like exercising and doing yoga. Regularly going for walks can help in taking your weight loss process to the next step ahead.
  5. Getting proper sleep is very crucial. If you do not provide your body with adequate sleep of at least 8 hours, then you are likely to do harm to your body during the process.
  6. Fruits are vital for consumption especially during the dieting program. Having 1 to 2 grapefruits and apples daily is recommended.
  7. Never forget to have or skip your breakfast. It is considered as the major meal of the day, so make sure you have a large breakfast before you head out for the day.
  8. Avoid junk foods and start having organic foods that helps in providing the body with necessary nutrients and vitamins. Do eat fiber-rich foods to keep your metabolism good.


Well, what is your take on the HCG maintenance phase? Quite fascinated by the 500 calorie diet that can yield great results in a specified matter of time? To ensure your process of dieting is flawless, it is recommended by the experts to keep a HCG journal handy. Be it noting down your weight loss or gain, what you are daily consuming and the times you cheat all should be penned down. This can be helpful in making sure your new weight is well stabilized and maintained that can help you look back at it. So how is the maintenance phase going to work for you? You will have to find it out yourself. So begin the HCG diet right from now!




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